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CTL Testimonials

Transportation and Logistics Certificate Program

CTL Testimonials

The following quotes are from individuals holding the Certified in Transportation and Logistics (CTL) credential.  Visit the American Society of Transportation and Logistics website to read additional testimonials.

David Gilmore, CTL

"Beginning with a general review of business management practices, progressing through transportation and supply chain management, and on to a comprehensive study of international logistics, I learned what I needed to know. For me, it was a matter of translating an existing skill set and expanding my understanding into a viable credential that could be used to prove my knowledge."

John Rautio, CTL

"UW-Superior's CTL online program enabled me to progress in my career in attaining the CTL professional credential. Modules such as logistics management and transportation management helped me better understand the "behind the scenes" work that goes on in moving products and providing services. I highly recommend to anyone thinking about going into the transportation industry to obtain this very valuable certification."

Chris Sower, CTL

"Lifelong learning and obtaining credentials in the logistics and transportation industry is essential to being successful in today's global marketplace. The knowledge I have gained has opened up new career and networking opportunities. Networking with others in the industry is important to career advancement and this certification ensures employers that my knowledge and skills are recognized by a longstanding industry organization. I would recommend this program to anyone seeking to gain knowledge and career advancement."

Cesar Burgos, CTL

"I was able to immediately apply my knowledge at work and directly support the transportation and logistics group analyzing freight lanes by assisting in the bidding process. Achieving the CTL has provided recognition among my peers and has let me expand my experience in a constantly evolving industry."

Arauna Palm, CTL

"I wholeheartedly recommend this program. CTL certification prepares managers for the new era of globalization which has suddenly enveloped us."

Krystal palmer, CTL

"The skills that I learned through my education gave me an in-depth understanding of supply chain core competencies that I am able to apply within the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges that I encounter."

Debbie McDowell, CTL

"As Director of Business Development and Customer Service for my company, a reminder of how the industry is viewed today and what motivates and drives industry professionals in the current economic market was worth every minute spent in the program. The information taught within the CTL program is invaluable and I highly recommend the program to anyone who desires to be successful within the transportation and logistics field within our ever-changing global economy."

Stefano Rieppi, MS, CTL

"I strongly recommend pursuing a CTL to anybody that currently works within a specific transportation mode and wishes to develop a balanced, multimodal logistical background. Furthermore, given the growing international recognition of CTL, this qualification is also extremely relevant to those with non-US credentials that wish to obtain a qualification that is recognized both in the US and in key non-US logistical markets."

Mike Sumnick, CTL

"Throughout 19 years of my career in the transportation industry, I have experienced a range of responsibilities and areas including loading trucks, dock supervisor inbound and outbound, dispatcher and operations manager. This course has challenged my knowledge and skills, further enhancing my confidence in the transportation and logistics industry. The CTL program introduced me to new levels of possibilities and opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am sincerely thankful that I was given this opportunity to continue my education and would recommend the CTL program to anyone looking to advance in the industry."

Michael Bivins Jr., CTL

"All in all, the certification in Transportation and Logistics is a real career booster and holds no unconstructive elements. I would recommend it to anyone. The benefits I have seen so far have amazed me and I cannot wait to see what the future holds."

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