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Transportation Economics Management

Transportation and Logistics Certificate Program

Transportation Economics Management

Module Details

Total Clock Hours: 30

The transportation economics and management module has three primary areas of emphasis: (1) application of demand, cost, and pricing principles to transportation; (2) the operating, service and financial characteristics of the various modes and types of transportation; and (3) managerial issues in transportation.  The objectives for the transportation economics and management module provide an understanding of:

  • The relationship and cost trade-offs occurring between transportation and other logistics functions
  • How the operating and service characteristics of each mode affect cost, performance, and the products moved
  • The economic principles that provide a foundation for transportation costing and pricing
  • Shipper and carrier strategies employed to reduce costs and improve performance

Textbooks Required for Module

Transportation: A Supply Chain Perspective
Authors: John J. Coyle, Robert Novak, Brian Gibson, Edward Bardi
ISBN: 978-0324789195  |  Edition: 7
Purchase at: Amazon or Publisher Website

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