The Leadership Program was developed to help make Superior/Douglas County a better place in which to live and work.  By heightening the awareness of community issues, we hope to deepen the involvement of Leadership participants.

We look for diversity and demonstrated interest in the community.  Ideally, the class should represent a cross section of the community.  We encourage applicants of color.  In addition, balance is sought in gender, occupation, age, geographic areas, and life experiences.  If there are several applicants from one company, the selection is often narrowed so as to provide the balance needed.

We need existing and emerging Leaders.  We are interested in existing leaders because they bring special knowledge and expertise to the rest of the class.  Sometimes we see that they develop mentoring relationships with others in the class.  We seek emerging leaders to help them expand the knowledge they have of themselves and the community.  Developing these emerging leaders is the lifeblood of the community.  Deepening their involvement will bring great rewards in many ways.  However, we want to see that the emerging leaders have a demonstrated interest in the community.  Professional association memberships are typically not viewed as community involvement. For that reason, we look at community involvement.

We look at your background of community involvement.  Whether you have chosen to volunteer your time with the Girl Scouts, your son's softball team, the schools, your church or a local nonprofit organization, does not matter.  What matters is your interest in making a commitment to the betterment of Superior/Douglas County.

People who live in this community are generally given preference over someone who lives outside of the community because the chances are usually greater that they will make a greater commitment to the area.  That said, the Selection Committee looks at how each applicant (regardless of where they live) might be able to help make Superior/Douglas County a better place to live.  Sometimes applicants are chosen because the job they do here has an impact upon a segment of the population here or the future of the community as a whole.  Examples might be the president of a corporation or someone who owns a business here

Many of the people who apply for the second time are admitted to the program.  If the "volunteer/civic involvement" section of your application is weak, you may wish to consider ways you might volunteer your time in Superior/Douglas County.  For those who do not know where to start, try calling Douglas County Information and Referral and United Way of Superior/Douglas County.   Or, better yet, consider your interests and call the agency.  For example, if you are interested in children, consider Boys and Girls Club, the schools, or other programs serving youth.  Or if you are interested in helping low-income people, consider Salvation Army.  Feel free to call someone on the Leadership Alumni list if you want to know more about how to get involved.