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As a Youth Options student, you are eligible to enroll in UW-Superior classes. Please read the class descriptions closely and pay special attention to prerequisite requirements, instructor approval information and whether the class is offered on campus or online.

Fast Facts

  • According to statute 118.52, the Youth Options program is only open to students enrolled in public and not private high schools. This is due to the fact that the public school district does not receive its allotment for that student attending the private school. The tuition paid to the institute of higher learning (IHL) comes out of that allotment.
  • The law requires all Wisconsin public high schools to participate.
  • A student may take a post-secondary course during or after regular school hours as long as they course is offered during the high school's regular academic year.
  • The school board must pay for the cost of any books and fees for all approved courses and materials for students attending an IHL.
  • Parents/students are responsible for transportation between the school and the IHL.
  • Transportation assistance may be available from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) for low-income families, if eligible.
  • The student has to be of junior/senior standing.
  • Application/Forms must be completed one semester prior to the semester the student wants to attend.

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