Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a teacher license?

To be a certified teacher you must complete an approved teacher education program. To be a licensed teacher, you must apply to a state licensing agency for a teacher license.

What is a Notary Public, and do I need to have my license application notarized?

By state law, the Wisconsin Conduct and Competency Review form must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public. You must show a Notary Public two forms of identification, one with a picture. Please note that notarization is a witness of your signature only, not a witness of the information on the document. Notary Publics are available on the UW-Superior campus in the Registrar's Office, the Library, the Bookstore, and the Human Resources Office.

What are fingerprint cards and how do I get them?

By state law, some applicants for Wisconsin and other states' teacher licenses must submit approved fingerprint cards. WI cards may be ordered online from the Wisconsin DPI at and MN cards at Minnesota Department of Education. Cards are also available in the Certification Office. States also allow electronic submission of fingerprints, please consult the state website for more information.

What is Institutional Endorsement?

Most applications for teacher licenses require the signature of an approved Certifying Officer. UW-Superior staff verify information, endorse the application, and forward it directly to licensing agencies. Processing typically takes one to two weeks in our office.

How can I check to see whether my license application has been approved?

To see whether a Wisconsin license application has been approved by the DPI, go to Minnesota licenses can be monitored at Minnesota Department of Education.