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Michael Buncher, Certification Officer

Certification Office
UW-Superior Swenson Hall 2024
P.O. Box 2000
Superior, WI 54880-4500

Certification Information/Forms:

UW-Superior Educator License Online Application Form (required of all programs)
Note - To use this form electronically, it must first be saved to your computer and then opened. By doing this, you will be able to type directly into the form and save it.

Foundations of Reading Test

Request Official Transcripts

Instructions on applying for licensure in Wisconsin

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction no longer accepts paper applications for Wisconsin Educator Licenses.

Beginning January 15, 2014 all Wisconsin Educator Licenses will be issued electronically using the Educator Licensing Online (ELO) System. 

Step 1: Submit the UW-Superior ELO Application Form to the Institutional Certification Office. Wisconsin uses codes for age level and subjects. The listing may be found at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). It is the responsibility of the applicant to use the appropriate codes. 

Step 2: Check to see if you are required to submit fingerprints to the Department of Public Instruction (DPI). 

Step 3: Apply through the DPI ELO System after your degree has posted and the data has been submitted to DPI. The date of submission will be posted on this site. 

Additional Information:

  • DPI will required UW-Superior to upload your name into ELO before you will be able to submit your license application.
  • In order for UW-Superior to submit your name to ELO, you will need to complete Step 1 (see above), have your final grades in, your degree posted (if applicable), and passed any required content exams.
  • DPI estimates you should be able to complete the online application in approximately 40 minutes.
  • DPI will require a $125 credit card payment (no PINs are accepted).
  • Once you are applying on DPI's ELO website, if you encounter problems, please email:
  • To check on the status of your application at DPI once your license application has been submitted by you online, use the ELO Public Search at the Department of Public Instruction.

Instructions on applying for licensure in Minnesota

Step 1: Submit the UW-Superior ELO Application Form along with the Minnesota Verification of Completion Form to the Certification Office. The Verification of Completion Form will be mailed back to you. 

Step 2: Initial licenses for Minnesota require official transcripts. Request your transcripts from the Registrar's Office. 

Step 3: Information regarding fingerprinting for Minnesota applications is available at the Minnesota Department of Education.

Instructions on applying for licensure in other states

More information on applying for licensure in other states.