Book Clubs

In past years, CETL offered a Book Clubs series which was limited to about 12 members and were announced in the Staff Digest. Each book club member received a complimentary copy of the featured book as well as engaged in conversation with other interested colleagues. All educators, faculty and staff of all ranks, were welcome and encouraged to participate in a CETL book club.

At the conclusion of the book club, participants were asked to send a 250 words or less reflection on the value of the book as well as the book club experience to CETL. This is a list of the books that were selected for the Book Club participants to review:


  • "Encouraging the Heart: A Leader's Guide to Rewarding and Recognizing Others" by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.
  • "Roads Taken: The Professional Life, Scholarship in Place, and the Public Good" edited by Roger Epp and Bill Spellman.
  • "The Heart of Higher Education: A Call for Renewal; Transforming the Academy through Collegial Conversations" by Parkter J. Palmer and Arthur Zajonc with Megan Scribner.


  • "Transformative Conversations: A Guide to Mentoring Communities Among Colleagues in Higher Education" by Peter Felten, H-Dirksen L. Bauman, Aaron Kheriaty and Edward Taylor.

Campus Conversations

In past years, CETL held a series of events that corresponded with topics of the time that were important to our campus and communities.  These events were called Campus Conversations. 

  • From a culture of violence to a culture of peace: Transforming the Human Spirit had an exhibition and free events that were sponsored by Soka Gakkai International-USA, and the following departments and units at UW-Superior: Department of Social Inquiry, Center for Continuing Education, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Amnesty International student organization, the Gender Equity Resource Center, and the Department of Human Behavior, Justice, and Diversity.
  • Student Success and Retention conversation involved the Why Do They Come? Why Do They Stay? Why Do They Leave? video.
  • Resources for Courageous Conversations about Race in the Twin Ports - CETL provided some pedagogy and teaching/learning resources to facilitate more discussion in classrooms and out of classroom learning environments on race and racism.
  • Inclusive Excellence was a summer campus conversation facilitated by Dr. Alma R. Clayton-Pedersen, the Vice President for Education and Institutional Renewal for the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Digital Storytelling

In past years, CETL offered information about digital storytelling, identifies available resources for digital stories and provides examples of digital stories produced by students, instructional staff and CETL media producers.  Digital stories were created by faculty to supplement a lesson, unit, or course or to provide students and potential majors with a personal viewpoint on a discipline.

There are many great resources available to for digital storytelling, Educause Learning Initiatives has several articles on the subject.  Another resource is Lynda.com, these video links were taken from the Foundations of Teaching with Technology with Kevin Kelly:

  • Put the "tech" into your teaching. Learn how to use technology to enhance course design, lesson planning, presentations, in-class activities, assessments, and student achievement and engagement.
  • Why use technology to share content? (3 minute video) can be viewed without an active Lynda.com account.
  • Enhancing lectures or presentations.  (3 minute video) This link requires an active Lynda.com account.

There are several examples of UW-Superior Digital Storytelling covering a wide range of topics and themes including Academic Service Learning, Global Awareness, Study Abroad, and Becoming a Writer.  CETL created a video series that focused on "The Work That Our Faculty Do" and another series of shorter video spots where faculty and staff answered the question "Why you Teach" or "How you Contribute to Student Learning".  The videos were compiled into a long form documentary style video titled "The Role of Faculty in Higher Education". 

See more details on the Digital Storytelling page.

Enhancement Days

In past years, CETL hosted an Enhancement Day during the Welcome Week at the beginning of the Fall Semester and Spring Semester. It was usually scheduled for one day and was dedicated to professional and faculty development for the entire campus. Fourteen of these events have been held between Fall 2007 and Spring 2015, with over 4,501 points of contact with UW-Superior faculty and staff.

Enhancement Days were often theme to focus on specific issues in higher education or on issues specific to UW-Superior. Sometimes they were open to an array of sessions developed by campus experts related to professional development and higher education.

Past Enhancement Day Sessions:

  • Spring 2015 - The focus of this Enhancement Day was to offer a variety of professional development options needed to improve the skills, knowledge, and abilities of our faculty and staff.
  • Fall 2014 - The focus of this Enhancement Day was on moving ahead with the new strategic plan for UW-Superior.
  • Spring 2014 - The focus of this Enhancement Day was on celebrating scholarship and exploring URSCA (Undergraduate Research, Scholarship & Creative Activities).
  • Fall 2013 - The focus of this Enhancement Day was on celebrating our student centered traditions and practices.
  • Fall 2012 - The focus of this Enhancement Day was on student success and retention.

Past Initiatives and Projects

In past years, CETL offered a variety of conferences, workshops, and events as well as providing support for activities such as Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars.

Conferences, Workshops, and Events


  • CETL and IT co-hosted the 2014 and 2015 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference Virtual sessions.  These were weeklong events that allowed faculty and staff to participate in the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference without the travel costs.  Each year the sessions were selected to promote engaging learning, student success, and what was coming next in higher education.
  • CETL has sponsored faculty and staff to attend UW-System conferences such as Office of Professional and Instructional Development (OPID).


  • In mid-August every year, CETL sponsored programming for two full days so that campus educators can share and explore best practices in teaching and learning pedagogy.
    • Summer 2014 - Mitigating Bias and Stereotype Threat (day 1) and Experiential and Community Based Learning - A Focus Group (day 2)
    • Summer 2013 - Beyond Coverage: Backward Design for Disciplinary Thinking (day 1) and Best Practices in Academic Advising (day 2)
    • Summer 2012 - Inclusively, Creativity and Student Engagement (day 1 and day 2)
    • Summer 2011 - Classroom Assessment Techniques (CAT's) (day 1) and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) (day 2)
  • CETL and IT co-sponsored Learn@ UW-Superior hands-on workshops have been offered every August (8 hours) and January (4 hours) for the past six years.  These sessions focused on setting up a basic course with Content, Discussions, Dropbox, Grades, News, and Quizzes as well as discuss other tools and features available within the system.


  • Campus Celebration of Scholarship - In the fall of 2013, CETL invited campus research centers, departments and units, as well as individuals, to share their scholarly works and research in a campus-wide display, coordinated by CETL.

    • Over 71 individual scholars responded to the call for descriptions of their scholarly work.  A display providing the names and photos of the faculty and staff along with the listings of their submissions was displayed at the event. More than 70 faculty and staff members, and as many students, perused the exhibits while enjoying complimentary cake and coffee.

    • In addition, the following units provided posters and/or displays of their research projects or relationship to scholarship and research. UW-Superior Research Institutes:

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

CETL first offered a pilot Scholarship of Teaching and Learning program in Spring/Summer 2012 and again in Spring/Summer 2013.  These programs provided funding for intensive development of some aspect of a scholarly project in Summer 2012 and Summer 2013. Grants were designed for production of scholarship "pieces of work" that clearly identified tasks to move ahead design and/or production of scholarly projects. For instructors, it was either a SoTL (scholarship of teaching/ learning) or a discipline based research project that would be integrated into classroom or out-of-classroom teaching.


  • Nathan Anderson , “Do video lectures improve student assessment scores for online learning students taking Physical Science?”
  • Jennifer Bird, Tammy Fanning, [NAME:NFIELD1], Allison Garver, “Exploring the relationship between focused goal setting and implementation on students’ academic success”
  • Allison Garver, “Evaluating the outcomes of a student leadership training program”
  • Amanda Lilly , “People have the right to make bad decisions! How Social Work students interpret the concept of client self-determination“
  • Susan Maguire , “Cultivating a Growth Mindset in Visual Arts Students “
  • Kate Nolin-Smith , “What motivates our campus Language Learners? An exploration of Directed Motivational Currents (DMC’s) in university students studying content in a second language”
  • [NAME:MRIDENOU] , “Teachers are: Metaphorical representations of teaching as a vocation, and what these metaphors say about pre-service educator perceptions and identity”






2012 (Jumpstart Program)

Teaching with Technology

Since the Teaching with Technology program was piloted in the Fall 2008 semester, UW-Superior faculty and instructional staff have been eligible to apply for project support through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Selected projects received focused pedagogical and technical support from CETL staff and a budget of up to $200 for technology-related purchases for the academic year.

See past projects on the Teaching with Technology Showcase page.

Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars

Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars is the signature program of the Office of Professional & Instructional Development (OPID), and it supports the professional development of faculty and instructional staff. UW-Superior has a wonderful history of Fellows and Scholars with participation dating back to 1985, offering UW faculty and teaching academic staff in completing a Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) project.

The Wisconsin Teaching Fellows group will include outstanding early-career, untenured faculty and teaching academic staff. The Wisconsin Teaching Scholars group will include outstanding tenured faculty and experienced academic staff. Candidates must be exceptional teachers who publicly share their expertise and demonstrate leadership. Participants in the WTFS Program should be familiar with Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) research. Each participant undertakes a significant SoTL project, records the project's progress on an electronic poster, and disseminates the results in public forums. Teaching Fellows and Scholars are expected to serve as leaders and mentors in campus and UW System SoTL work.

Past UW-Superior Fellows and Scholars