Teaching with Technology: Showcase

Blogging with WordPress in First Year Seminar

To facilitate communication in her fall 2010 course "Psychology of Monsters," Dr. Eleni Pinnow required students to post weekly blog assignments on course-related topics and read each other's work as the course progressed. Putting mini-essays in a blog form meant that students were able to read their classmates' thoughts and opinions about monsters, which stimulated class discussion and allowed students to take greater ownership for their ideas in the class.

Google My Maps and WordPress Blog in FYS

In Yvonne Rutford's First Year Seminar "Storytelling: Finding Fiction in Truth and Truth in Fiction," students were introduced to two technologies. Using Google MyMaps they created maps of their childhood neighborhoods and identified locations significant to their lives as a way of triggering memories for their stories. Using WordPress blogging students also shared stories written in a fairy tale format with another FYS class and commented on each others' work.

Smart Board in a Teacher Education Methods Class - Video

In Spring 2010, Marilyn Toscano's project involved her Teaching Elementary/Middle School Mathematics methods class. After researching the interactive whiteboards online, she observed local teachers using Smart Boards in their classrooms. Next, her students used the Smart Board in the Jim Dan HillLibrary to familiarize themselves with its capabilities, and then, in groups of 3, they developed a lesson using the Smartboard and demonstrated it to their classmates.

WordPress Blog in First Year Seminar - Video

In Dr. "Haji" Dokhanchi's fall 2009 course Genocide in the Modern Era, students learned about the power of using modern technology to spread their message about potential ideas for activism on current and historical cases of genocide beyond the campus to the rest of the world. The class used a blogging tool called WordPress.

Social Networking with Ning - Video

In Dr. Deborah Augsburger's First Year Seminar class From Babel to Bloggers, students created a website using Ning to share and explore ideas and research projects related to language.

Music Notation, Looping, and Educational Software in Music Education Courses - Video

In Dr. Lois Veenhoven Guderian's music courses, students are learning about how music software can be used to compose music in both traditional and non-traditional ways, to nurture and develop children's creativity and musical understanding, to create musical scores, and to develop teaching materials.

Film Music Creations in a First Year Seminar - Video

In Erin Aldridge's music appreciation course Movie Music, freshman students were able to "compose" the soundtrack of films by substituting their choice of compositions from other soundtracks to change the mood and meaning of the visual elements.

Multimedia Presentations in a First Year Seminar - Video

In Kay Biga's course Swimming with the Sharks, students incorporated videos and images into their presentations, engaging their audience and gaining skills in searching for, selecting, and citing multimedia sources.

Google Docs in English 101 - Video

John McCormick's English students collaborated in small groups using Google Docs. Each group simultaneously developed a single document on multiple computers for an in-class assignment about their writing processes.

Internet Video Calls in Math 090 - Video

Healther Kahler's math students analyzed slopes to predict erosion in The Gambia, West Africa and then used Skype to make Internet-based video calls to connect in real time with erosion project leaders.

Concept Mapping in Sociology 201 - Video

Eri Fujieda's Sociology students created concept maps to analyze causes and effects using first paper maps an then computer-based concept mapping software.