Funding and Travel Instructions

Funding and Travel Instructions

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning supports UW-Superior educators to attend pre-selected state, regional and national conferences that focus on teaching and learning.  CETL also provides supplemental funding annually for a number of educators to attend conferences in their disciplines;  select the tab above labeled "Grants" for more information on the funding process, limits and requirements.

Request for written summary of experience from participants/travelers:
To promote the dissemination of learning received at workshops and conferences, CETL is requesting that you provide a short written summary of your learning experience, immediately following your travel, so that it may be submitted to CETL (c/o at the time of your Travel Expense Reimbursement request or shortly thereafter. Here are some sample questions you may apply to your written submittal, which will be included in the subsequent CETL Connections Newsletter, so that others may share in your learning:

  • What was the most beneficial or memorable experience(s) you engaged in during the workshop/conference?
  • Has the conference/workshop experience positively impacted your ability to perform your teaching or educational responsibilities?
  • What are the lessons learned and how do you plan to implement them in your work?

General information for planning CETL-funded travel.
It is important for you to follow the travel requirements and guidelines set forth on the UW-Superior travel website in order to receive reimbursement for eligible travel costs.

When possible, CETL will make arrangements to reserve a vehicle for all conference attendees to travel together. Attendees have the option of traveling on their own, but solo travel will not be reimbursed by CETL funds.

NOTE:  All drivers must be authorized through the Parking Services Office in order to drive on university business. Go to the Parking Services website  to obtain a form and review instructions for completing the process, which can take up to two weeks from the date the form is submitted to Parking Services.

Lodging at conferences is preferred on a double-room basis when possible.  Those willing to share a room will pay no lodging costs, while those choosing to have a single room will pay the difference in the cost.  For conferences with more than 3 persons attending from UW-Superior, the CETL office will generally place room reservations, though attendees will need to pay for their lodging at the hotel using their personal credit card.

Within most of Wisconsin, the maximum amount reimbursable for lodging at a hotel not designated as the "conference hotel" is at a rate of $70 per room per night.  In order to avoid paying sales tax, which is NOT reimbursable for in- state lodging, travelers should present a Tax Exemption Card at the hotel upon check-in; cards are available in the Business Office in Old Main.  Check out the travel website for exceptions to the $70 limit for certain in-state cities and out-of-state localities.

Permission to be away from assigned duties is required for most faculty and staff two weeks prior to travel dates.  Check with your unit or department's Program Associate to obtain the form to complete the application/permission process.

When the conference/event is over and you have returned to UW-Superior, complete a Travel Expense Report (TER) form, which is available at the UW-Superior travel website linked above. Attach a conference agenda and other documentation that designates the conference site hotel and specific meals costs covered by your conference registration. Though meals will be reimbursed on a per diem basis without receipts, as outlined on the business/travel webpage, most other costs to be reimbursed will require you to attach an ORIGINAL receipt (a copy will not satisfy the requirement). Go to the UW-Superior Travel Office website and scroll down to download the Traveler's Reference Guide (dated January 5, 2015) that provides system-wide policies and procedures related to travel.  You should fill in all information on the TER other than the cost center, sign it, attach pertinent documentation and receipts, and submit the form to CETL (2076 Swenson Hall) for approval of funding by the CETL Director.