Upcoming Conferences

Upcoming Conferences

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) provides limited funding and support to UW-Superior educators to attend conferences that promote teaching and learning.  CETL funding is limited, so apply for the event you are interested in attending as early as possible and before any indicated CETL deadline has passed.

Email CETL's Program Associate at cetl@uwsuper.edu (or call extension 8548) to reserve your place at the specified conference. Once your reservation is confirmed by CETL as approved for funding, then submit your registration at the conference website. You may coordinate with the Program Associate in the CETL office to register using CETL's procard, or register on your own and CETL with provide reimbursement via a TER submission initiated by you.

Note that CETL will arrange for and coordinate group travel and hotel reservations once the placements are filled for a CETL-funded conference. Reimbursement for lodging and other travel costs will be provided after the event via TER submission. Review general travel requirements at the CETL Travel Funding tab at this site, including submission of your feedback about Teaching and Learning sessions at the conference, to be displayed in CETL's semi-annual on-line CETL Connections Newsletter.

Upcoming Conference Opportunities: 

Check back in late August 2015 for any CETL-funded conference opportunities during Fall 2015.