Campus Conversations

Campus Conversations

From a culture of violence to a culture of peace: Transforming the Human Spirit

For additional information, link to the UW-Superior's Gender Equity Resource Center News & Events articles on the 2014 Exhibit: Transforming the Human Spirit, the Keynote and Reception, and the Transforming the Human Spirit initiative. 

The exhibition and free events listed are sponsored by Soka Gakkai International-USA, and the following departments and units at UW-Superior: Department of Social Inquiry, Center for Continuing Education, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Amnesty International student organization, International Peace Studies concentration in the Political Science major and minor, the Gender Equity Resource Center, and the Department of Human Behavior, Justice, and Diversity. 


Student Success and Retention

Video:  Why Do They Come?  Why Do They Stay?  Why Do They Leave?

Resources for Courageous Conversations about Race in the Twin Ports

CETL is providing some pedagogy and teaching/learning resources to facilitate more discussion in classrooms and out of classroom learning environments on race and racism. 

  • Dr. Mary Lee-Nichols has recommended a great book entitled Courageous Conversations About Race:  A Field Guide for Achieving Equity Schools written by Glenn E. Singleton and Curtin Linton (2006:  Corwin Press).  This book provides many wonderful teaching and learning tools to use in the learning environments and offers a deep level background on how to encourage courageous conversations about race with students.  CETL has purchased five copies of this book in the CETL library available to you for check-out and use.
  • CETL also has extra copies of the Inclusive Pedagogy materials used for the First Year Seminar equipping sessions in June 2011, prepared by Dr. Mary Lee-Nichols of the Educational Leadership Department.  You can borrow one of these blue folders for great insights and resources on inclusive pedagogy.
  • Handout for Consciousness Raising for Multicultural Awareness.
  • Handout for the "ISM" Continuum.

Additional information on this website (below) was provided by experts on Inclusive Excellence:

  • Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen (keynote speaker and trainer at Fall 2010 Enhancement Day)
  • Dr. Paul Gorski (keynote speaker and trainer at Fall 2009 Enhancement Day) 
  • Review UW-Superior's Inclusive Excellence website ( for plans, stories and successes by colleagues and students across our campus.


CETL is looking for additional great resources to assist with teaching and learning on white privilege and racism in general.  If you have suggestions, please let us know ( and we will purchase them for the CETL Library.

Your CETL Library is located in the CETL suite on 2nd Floor Swenson Hall.


The UW-Superior Campus Community is invited to gather for a Summer Conversation on



 Inclusive Excellence

  click above title for details and registration information 

facilitated by
  Dr. Alma Clayton-Pedersen
President for Education and Institutional Renewal 
   Association of American Colleges and Universities

From 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
on Tuesday, June 22, 2010
in the Yellowjacket Union Greatroom

  Recommended Reading from AAC&U:      diversity           

For additional publications available from AAC&U, go to Publications at and Browse Titles or check out the Web Publications. 


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