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2013 Digital Story Projects

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

2013 Digital Story Projects

During fall 2012, CETL offered a program to provide support to educators to enhance student learning and facilitate greater student involvement through creating a 3 to 5 minute digital story on at least one of the first four themes below:

  • University Liberal Education Learning Goals (LELG's), such as communication, critical thinking, diversity/global citizenry, creative expression or interdisciplinary connection;
  • Common misconceptions that students have about your field and offering the accurate view;
  • Writing across the Curriculum (WAC) - why you write and how writing has changed your life;
  • Why you teach - sharing your journey, motivations and inspirations as an educator;
  • and, with an Academic Service-Learning component, you may receive additional support.

The digital stories were produced with technical support provided by CETL's AudioVisual Specialist David Orts and funding support from CETL, as well as the Center for Academic Service-Learning, when applicable. Below are some of the early results. 

  Marshall Johnson 1

In Going to the Dogs in Bali, Marshall Johnson explores the ways in which Academic Service Learning opportunities emerge in study abroad courses like the Bali Workshop.

 Kenna Bolton Holz

Kenna Bolton Holz created a digital story about her connection to Feminism. This video was developed primarily for use in the Introduction to Psychology of Women class, and includes an emphasis on Academic Service-Learning.

 John McCormick

In AS-L: A Tool for Connecting Purpose to Learning John McCormick, a Writing Instructor at UW-S since 2005, explores AS-L as a tool for bettering student engagement within the writing process.

 RaLynn Schmalzried Schmidt

In my developmental psychology classes, I find it vital that students interact with the populations we are talking about - to challenge stereotypes, observe behavior and thinking, and develop an understanding of others.  This digital story highlights my own experiences with AS-L in college as well as the experiences of two previous students through AS-L placement in my Adulthood and Aging class.

 Shin-Ping Tucker

In My Journey in Academic Service-Learning  Shin-Ping Tucker relates how she has used Academic Service-Learning in her classes. 

 Beth Austin

In Academic Service-Learning at UW-Superior  Beth Austin explains how Academic Service-Learning works with on-line distance learning coursework to link to community service.


More Digital Stories will be posted soon!


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