Faculty & Staff Spots

Faculty & Staff Spots
  • Video Series Dr. Michelle Arnhold Davies
  • Video Series Dr. Mary Churchill
  • Video Series Dr. Eleni Pinnow
  • Video Series Dr. Ephraim Nikoi

The work our faculty do 

This series of videos chronicle what UW-Superior faculty do for students, the university and the community.

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 Michelle Arnhold Davies

Dr. Michelle Arnhold

Ephraim Nikoi

Dr. Ephraim Nikoi

Dr. Mary Churchill

Dr. Mary Churchill

Eleni Pinnow

Dr. Eleni Pinnow

The Role of Faculty in Higher Education

This documentary style video is a compilation developed from the four "The Work Our Faculty Do" videos featured above. The video covers the areas of work typical for faculty teaching on the UW-Superior campus and covers topics including; instruction, class prep, advising, committee work and community outreach, giving the viewer an insight on the role of faculty in higher education. [Running time 17 minutes]

CETL Initiative: 30 Second Faculty and Staff AV Spots

These videos were produced by Dave Orts as part of CETL Initiative, to produce 30 second spots to share a AV Spotlight on UWS faculty and staff across the Campus and system community, to tell the world, "Why you Teach" or "How you Contribute to Student Learning".