First Year Seminar

First Year Seminar

Spring 2015 First Year Seminars

Be sure to include a First Year Seminar (FYS) in your schedule if you're a Freshman starting in Spring 2015.  For a brochure with full descriptions of offerings, link here: Spring 2015 FYS Courses flyer.

You may also link to the Spring 2015 Class Schedule that provides more details on what classes are full and what classes have openings.  Scroll down this page for more information about First Year Seminars, and be sure to view the FYS Video at the right.

 FYS Video
FYS Video

Registration for First Year Seminars

All freshmen and transfer students coming in with 21 credits or under are required to attend SOAR, one of several First Year Experience (FYE) Programs.  The First Year Experience is designed to introduce first year students to the liberal arts through active and collaborative learning, critical thinking, and reflective judgment.

Each fall and spring the First Year Seminars (FYS) program offers an exciting array of diverse topics that will both challenge and engage students. To register contact your designated advisor or the Center for Academic Advisement.

The FYS class offerings for the Spring 2015 semester are highlighted in the First Year Seminar Spring 2015flyer.  Students are encouraged to register for the Fall semester of their incoming year. The Spring offerings don't provide as many choices;  for example, see the Fall 2014 First Year Seminar brochure.

For the EXPO event at the end of each semester, students design exhibits to display projects related to their First Year Seminar experience.  The EXPO for the Fall 2014 semester will be held from 11:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. in the Yellowjacket Union on Thursday, December 4, 2014. Held mid-day near the end of the semester, the EXPO offers the campus community an opportunity to experience what the freshmen students have learned. Local high school teachers and students are also invited to attend the EXPO to learn more about the First Year Seminar experience.

Apply to Teach a First Year Seminar

The requested date for Proposal submissions to teach Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 First Year Seminars was October 4, 2013.  Link here for and a FYS Proposal Application form and the FYS General Education form to utilize for submission of proposals for the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 First Year Seminars to Suzanne Griffith, FYS Coordinator.  

If you would like to discuss the First Year Seminar program, contact Dr. Suzanne Griffith, Coordinator of First Year Seminars, at (715) 394-8316, office at Swenson Hall 2025 or email

Meet a FYS Seminar Class

Kay Biga's FYS ClassOne of the First Year Seminar offerings in Fall 2013 was Assistant Professor Kay Biga's class "Our Wal-Mart World."  Sixteen students were enrolled in this seminar and studied the pros and cons of global retailing giants like Wal-Mart. The seminar introduced students to the topics of management, marketing, international business, finance and transportation and logistics.

Some of the special features of this seminar included: a trip to the Marcovich Wellness Center climbing wall, watching "The High Cost of LowPrice," comparison shopping, reading and reviewing Nickel & Dimed, a tour of the Superior Wal-Mart, guest speakers and an on campus survey. The course culminated with the First Year Seminar Expo that was held in the Yellow Jacket Union atrium on December 5, 2013.

For more information about this seminar, please contact Kay Biga at (218) 390-6507 or at