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CETL Discipline Conference Grant Request

CETL initiated its DISCIPLINE  CONFERENCE  GRANT  PROGRAM in 2009 to support educators (faculty and academic staff) at UW-Superior who are attending national discipline related conferences that also offer tracks or sessions on CETL, SoTL or other teaching/learning topics in their field.  Any national field conference that offers teaching and learning sessions as part of their program is eligible. 

To submit an application for this grant, download the CETL Discipline Grant Proposal form in pdf or Word-doc format at either of these links:  CETL Discipline Conference Grant Request - pdf  OR CETL Discipline Conference Grant Request - Word-Doc. Then, complete complete the requested information and signatures on the proposal form, and submit to CETL at Swenson Hall 2076 or send electronically to cetl@uwsuper.edu.  If you have questions after reviewing the information provided below and at the above link, please email Maria Cuzzo at mcuzzo@uwsuper.edu.

CETL has committed $5000* in the 2014-2015 academic year  to provide grant support to educators on campus who are committed to improving their discipline/field knowledge of teaching and learning methods in their academic discipline.  (*Funding is subject to CETL's annual budget approval.)

This grant opportunity stems from conversations with Department Chairs in spring 2009.  Chairs indicated that the campus needed more funding support for people to attend their discipline/field national conferences to present and share their research.  Many national discipline/field conferences also have CETL, SoTL or teaching/learning tracks, sessions or workshops during their national meetings.  That's what allows CETL to help!

The CETL Discipline Conference Grants will be for $100-$500 in grant support for travel, lodging, meals, registration fees or other reasonable travel related expenses to attend national discipline/field conferences.  The limit is $500 (total sum) during the academic year to any single educator on campus.  People may apply for several different grants but the total for the year cannot exceed $500.  We encourage people who have never applied for a CETL Discipline Grant to apply and they will be given preference.  There will be an ongoing grant application process until funding is exhausted for the academic year.

In exchange for this grant support, educators are expected to:

  • Provide documentation that faculty or academic instructional staff member will be attending a national discipline based conference in their field;  provide details including name of conference, field, dates and specific sessions available specifically related to teaching/learning issues within the field.
  • Identify which 2 (TWO) sessions the grant applicant will commit to attending at the conference that are CETL, SoTL or teaching/learning related in the disciplinary field;  names of sessions, presenters, times required as part of grant application.
  • Comply with all forms and procedures established by CETL for proper TER (Travel Expense Report) reimbursement;  grant monies will be provided via TER process after the conference.
  • Documentation of attending teaching/learning sessions at disciplinary conference must be provided via Summary document sent to Director of CETL including: (1) content of session;  (2) specific teaching/learning insights gained through session;  (3) specific intended changes to your teaching/learning as result of session - if no changes, explain why.  The Summary document should be attached to the grant recipient's TER reimbursement request form and is required before TER reimbursement will be approved; all TERs requiring CETL approval must be submitted to CETL by June 1, 2015.
  • An electronic copy or version of the Summary document must be provided to cetl@uwsuper.edu for inclusion in the upcoming issue of the CETL Connection Newsletter, to be available on the web at the CETL homepage www.uwsuper.edu side-bar NEWS link.  A new issue of the newsletter is distributed online campus-wide at mid-year and at the end of the calendar year.