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The Greater Good Take on Family & Couples

The GGSC is committed to nurturing kindness and happiness in our communities, and that often begins with nurturing kindness and happiness at home. Doing so requires that couples practice empathy, gratitude, forgiveness, and other positive skills—and when partners become parents, these are essential skills to model and teach to their children.

This can be easier said than done, especially when families are feeling extra squeezed and stressed. But we believe that research can offer help and relief, illuminating the path to greater well-being for adults and kids alike. That's why we translate new scientific studies into practical lessons for improving relationships with partners, children, relatives, and other loved ones.

This work stems from one of our core beliefs: that to nurture compassion and resilience in society as a whole, we must support those people directly responsible for shaping the well-being of others, starting with the people tied to one another through bonds of love or blood.

Key Family and Couples Content

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The Greater Good Take on Mind and Body

A growing body of research is finding that our mental states and physical health are intimately related to each other.

Certain physical activities - especially exercise, meditation, and spending time with other people--can have profound effects on our psychological well-being. At the same time, negative thinking can hurt our physical health while positive thinking can strengthen our bodies and lengthen our lives.

Indeed, the scientific evidence says that practicing skills like gratitude, forgiveness, and mindfulness lowers blood pressure, improves immune systems, and helps our hearts bounce back from stressful events, among other benefits. And studies strongly suggest that our social connections are instrumental to our physical and mental health.

The Greater Good Science Center translates findings like these into resources that benefit health professionals, caregivers, and anyone who wants to cultivate a healthier mind and body.

Key Mind and Body Content

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Well-Being Resources for Your Daily Life

The Greater Good website provides a broad selections of resources to support well-being in your daily life. Resources include; studies, tips, quizzes for self-assessments and links to additional organizations.

Studies on the Science of a meaningful life: