Lecture Capture

Getting Started with Lecture Capture

Lecture capture is a broad term that covers most any technology that allows instructors to record lecture course content in a classroom, studio, office or even using portable devices. The recorded lectures then can be made available digitally to students in a variety of formats to facilitate enhanced teaching and learning opportunities that happen outside the classroom setting.

If you are considering using lecture capture to develop digital media for the development of a flipped classroom (course modules), supplemental instruction, hybrid courses, online courses or just to augment your in-class lectures, CETL has a professional development resources for you. Resources available include; instructor development support, self-paced training resources and a lecture capture studio.

This collaborative UWS Technology Services and CETL project is focused on developing lecture capture resources, closed captioning support and facilitate faculty development through assistance and training to the UW-Superior campus. The original project was initiated to help accelerate the integration of video and audio into the Learn@UW-Superior teaching and learning environment.

For more information or direct support please contact Delwin Wright in CETL - dwrigh11@uwsuper.edu

Office Mix with PowerPoint Training Resources

In 2015 we piloted an online professional development training focused on lecture capture, the learning material was provided online as a self-paced tutorial featuring video lectures produced using Microsoft Office Mix. This training material has been recently updated and is now available as a .PDF file.

The downloadable .PDF file linked below offers the user a quick guide through the steps for taking a PowerPoint presentation from a set of slides to a video presentation using the PowerPoint Office Mix add-on app. The guide provides active links to useful online resources as well as supportive instructional video lectures. The steps included in the guide cover preparing your slide set for recording, using standard Mix features, finalizing and exporting your project to video for uploading to Learn@UW-Superior MyMedia. The instructional video lectures provide tips on equipment and getting the most out of your recording sessions.

Open or Download Office Mix Quick Guide

Here are a few suggested activities that you should complete before starting with the downloadable Quick Guide training for Office Mix:

  1. Watch LinkedIn Learning TutorialsTheis training resource will help guide you through common issues in a multitude of Software Applications. This is done through a library of thousands of short, easy-to-understand tutorial movies. LinkedIn Learning makes it easy to learn new technology and encourage technology integration in the classroom. It can be used in your office, in a computer lab, in the classroom, or even at home. Any current Faculty, Staff, or Enrolled Student has access to all that LinkedIn Learning has to offer. 
  2. Get introduced to Office Mix:
    Follow one or more of these links to the Office Mix website and watch the selected videos to get an overview of Office Mix the PowerPoint add-on application covered in this course.
    Short - Office Mix An Introduction [Approx. 4 min.]
    Longer - Office Introduction [Approx. 7 Minutes]
    Long in-depth Office Mix for Education [31 minutes] This video recommendation will show up in other units.
  3. For Non-PowerPoint users:
    Office 365: PowerPoint Essential Training [Lynda.com course] - The full course takes 3 hours and 1 minute if you go through all the lessons. If you just need a refresher of updates on key skills you can just watch selected lessons. Remember to download the exercise files so you can follow along with the activities.
  4. About installing Office Mix:
    Adding the Office Mix PowerPoint plugin: Teachers Tips with Aaron Quigley - [Lynda.com - 6min 13sec]

CETL Media Equipment

CETL Media Cart

CETL in collaboration with Technology Services has configured a media cart equipped with a high definition webcam, multi-directional microphone, 42” LCD Smart TV and a desktop computer. As equipped the cart is capable of serving a variety of media production needs including web-casting, web-conferencing and even lecture capture. The cart is stationed in the CETL Office Suites and can be setup to be used in the CETL Conference Room with several different configurations depending on your intended use and the size of the group participating. Since the equipment is on a cart it can also be moved to other locations in Swenson Hall for other uses such as capturing an in-classroom lecture, provide Zoom conferencing in one of the other conference rooms, classroom, for webcasting or for specialized training.

Basic guide for set-up and use of the CETL Media Cart

For CETL Media cart availability or for more information on use and capabilities of the cart please contact Delwin Wright.

CaptureSpace Lite Training Resources for Producing Digital Media Content

Recent updates to My Media in Learn@UW-Superior included the addition of the application CaptureSpace Lite, a desktop recorder capable of providing seamless recording and uploading of digital media content to your My Media account. Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite is an application you can download and install once on your computer as a small program called Desktop Recorder. Once installed you can record lectures, assignments, or screen recordings both with and without internet access. When you are without internet access, the Desktop Recorder will save the media file(s) to your computer instead of uploading it to your My Media area within Learn@UWSuperior. You will just need to upload those files to the My Media area later when you have internet access.

Online training materials for CaptureSpace Lite as a Lecture Capture tool

Below is a downloadable .PDF file link offering a quick guide through the steps for using downloading, installing and using CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder for producing digital media content like lecture capturing. The guide provides active links to useful online resources as well as supportive step-by-step instructions. The steps included in the guide cover preparing your slide set for recording, using various features of the Desktop Recorder, reviewing, finalizing and uploading your digital media to your Learn@UW-Superior My Media account.

CaptureSpace Lite Quick Guide

Support and tutorials for CaptureSpace Lite are provided by Technology Services including step-by-step instructions, please see their Downloading CaptureSpace Lite Quick Guides:

  • Downloading Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder for Windows (PC) Users
  • Downloading Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder for Mac Users

On campus office computers, you may need to contact the Technology Helpdesk for assistance downloading the CaptureSpace Lite Desktop Recorder software.

Additional Resources and Information

Recommended Office Mix Tutorial

Authoring with PowerPoint [31m 3s] - Although this is a longer video it is the most comprehensive on the tutorials that I've found with a focus on using Office Mix in education.

Office Mix Help Guide

The 22 page Office Mix Help Guide provided by Microsoft covers everything from getting started through tips and tricks, finishing with a section on best practices. 

Suggested Reading

Best Practices in Lecture Capture by Dian Schaffhauser

6 Innovative Uses of Lecture Capture by Michelle Fredette -
Lecture capture is no longer merely a safety net for students who can't make it to class. Here are 6 ways faculty are using it to make their courses more engaging, flexible, and imaginative.