CETL Resources

Grants, Awards, Conferences, and Travel

CETL will announce teaching and learning conference opportunities that are available to educators at UW-Superior.  These opportunities are posted in the Staff Digest and on CETL's website Upcoming Events.  If funding is available, CETL will pay all reasonable expenses related to attending conferences they support.

To indicate your interest and commitment to attending a conference, please e-mail the CETL office or call 715-394-8548 .  For additional information or questions about conferences, you may also e-mail CETL's Director Monica Roth Day.

All those attending a CETL sponsored conference will be expected to share the insights and information learned at the conference attended, by presenting at a brown bag seminar or providing a reflection to be included on the CETL website.

See more details on the CETL Grants, Awards, Conferences, and Travel page.

Conferences and Workshops

CETL partners with other offices and departments on campus to offer professional development; workshops and events; training opportunities; and self-guided resources for faculty, staff, and students.  Our sessions are intended to engage you in learning new ideas, sharing strategies, and developing our campus community.

See more details on the Conferences and Workshops page.

Teaching and Learning Resources

CETL has created a list of information and recommended resources to addresses current trends in teaching and learning.  This includes campus resources such as the Teaching and Learning Tools website and the JDHL Database, Films on Demand, as well as online resources such as the Faculty Focus website with key strategies and concerns in higher education.

See more details on the Teaching and Learning Tools page.