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Teaching & Learning Tools

The Teaching & Learning Tools website has how-to quick guides (handouts) and video tutorials on tools available for our campus:

Canvas Migration

By fall 2019, all UW-Superior courses will be migrated from D2L to Canvas.  The UW-Superior Canvas Implementation team has worked on a training plan that includes prep work, migration, and Canvas/Digital Learning Environment (DLE) sessions. 

JDHL Films on Demand

The Jim Dan Hill Library has a database instructors can use to find documentaries, feature films, newsreels, and performances in streaming video format.  These videos can be shown in your classrooms and/or embedded in your Learn@UW-Superior courses.

Online Resources

Faculty Focus - Higher Ed Teaching Strategies from Magna Publication.  Faculty Focus is an online resource for instructors with almost daily articles on key strategies and concerns in higher education.  Instructors can create an account and have access to topics like:

  • Course Design
  • Curriculum Development
  • Educational Assessment
  • Effective Teaching Strategies
  • Faculty Development
  • Online Education
  • Teaching with Technology

CETL Library

CETL maintains an assortment of books and periodicals related to teaching and learning in its office in Swenson 2076. Faculty and staff are encouraged to stop by and check out the books to review and learn about issues in higher education.  The library includes topics like:

  • Assessment
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Critical Thinking
  • Diversity & Ethics
  • Higher Education
  • Professional Development
  • Student Retention
  • Teaching Strategies
  • Teaching with Technology

CETL on YouTube

Visit the CETL YouTube channel and find out about the work our faculty do and information about an array of topics to help you succeed.