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SoTL Jumpstart Program

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SoTL Jumpstart Program

One of the needs on UW-Superior's campus is providing infrastructure and summer stipend support for scholarly activities. To assist in this effort, CETL offered a pilot program in Spring/Summer 2012 and again in Spring/Summer 2013. In 2013 a program was designed for Non-Instructional Academic Staff, as well as the Faculty and Instructional Teaching Staff program piloted in 2012. Link to the titles below for the criteria and design of each program.

 Jumpstart Faculty   Jumpstart Scholarship Stipend Program for Faculty and Academic Instructional Teaching Staff
 Jumpstart Acad Staff  A 2013 Pilot Jumpstart Scholarship Stipend Program for Non-Instructional Academic Staff

These programs provided funding for intensive development of some aspect of a scholarly project in Summer 2012 and Summer 2013. Grants were designed for production of scholarship "pieces of work" that clearly identified tasks to move ahead design and/or production of scholarly projects.  For instructors, it was either a SoTL (scholarship of teaching/ learning) or a discipline based research project that would be integrated into classroom or out-of-classroom teaching. For non-instructional academic staff, the project would include intensive development of a program to foster effective student learning.

Stipends were processed with 75% paid in the recipients' June paychecks and the final 25% processed upon proof of completion of the proposed projects in August.  A summary of all projects received was presented to the Provost as part of examples of CETL supported work.  A list of recipients with their completed projects was publicized by CETL in the CETL Connections Newsletters and posters of award recipients were displayed at CETL celebrations of scholarship.

For a summary of the 18 faculty scholarship projects funded by the Summer 2012 CETL Jumpstart Program, go to pages 14-16 of the CETL Connections Newsletter, Issue 8 - July 2012, or check out the posters here:  

Recipients of the CETL 2012 Summer Jumpstart Pilot Program

A summary of the 17 faculty, 3 academic instructional staff, and one academic non-instructional staff whose projects were funded by the Summer 2013 CETL Jumpstart Program, go to pages 30 to 34 of the CETL Connections Newsletter, Issue 10 (August 2013) or link on the following poster:

Recipients of the CETL 2013 Summer Jumpstart Program

If you have questions, contact Dr. Maria Cuzzo, CETL Director, at mcuzzo@uwsuper.edu (or Swenson Hall 2072, 715-394-8488).

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