Past Projects

Past Projects

2016-2017 SoTL Projects

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Homegrown Scholars for 2016-17 will present their projects at an open poster session on April 5 from 12:00 p.m. - 12:50 p.m. at the CETL office suite in the Markwood Center  Swenson Hall 2076. Dr. Mary Churchill, Educational Leadership DepartmentHuman Behavior, Justice and Diversity Department (Psychology) Dr. Amanda Zbacnik, Educational Leadership Department.

This group developed their SoTL projects in summer 2016 under the leadership of Dr. Hilary Fezzey, Assistant Professor,  World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department (English) and Brent Opall, Assistant Professor, School of Business and Economics.

2014-2015 SoTL Projects

Ten faculty and staff in UW-Superior’s 2014 CETL SoTL “Homegrown” program displayed posters summarizing their SoTL projects. Use the links below to see views of their projects’ posters.

Beth Austin presented her SoTL project poster entitled The Train has Left the Building, a documentary exploring the changing landscape of mediated education and the teacher’s evolving role online and in the classroom.

Dr. Andrew Breckenridge presented his SoTL project poster on Experimenting with a Flipped Classroom in GEOL 110 class on Dynamic Earth.

Susie Isaksen presented her SoTL poster on Exploring Links between Learning and Motivation in her College Writing 101 classes.

Heather Kahler presented her SoTL project poster on What works to motivate learners to be self-directed learners in a flipped classroom? as researched in her online intermediate algebra classes (MATH 102).

John McCormick II presented his SoTL project poster examining Do Different Texts Affect Writing Students’ Basic Reading Confidence? as re- searched in his Fundamentals of Writing class WRIT 099.

Dr. Jeanette Pucheu presented her SoTL project poster on Tuning into Fluency in the Advanced Spanish Classroom (SPAN 300), answering the question: Does interaction with social media in Spanish have a significant impact upon the oral fluency of the advanced Spanish student?

Dr. Brent Opall presented An examination of business case studies as an active learning method in a principles of management course: an online to face-to-face comparison

Yvonne Rutford, [NAME:ytu], Assistant Professor of Library Science in the Department of Writing and Library Science, and Instructional Designer for Distance Learning and the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning, to develop and complete their SoTL project entitled Increasing Student Participation in Class Discussions in a First Year Writing Course (WRIT 102).

Dr. Kristin Riker-Coleman displayed her SoTL project poster that explored the question Do active learning activities increase a sense of engagement and students’ perceptions of success in general education geology coursework? (GEOL 112: Historical Geology).

2013-2014 SoTL Projects

CETL SoTL Projects Pilot Program - Summer 2013 - January 2014

Dr. Hilary Fezzey facilitated full-day workshops over the 2013 summer designed to assist six faculty with completion of CETL-sponsored "Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Projects." In addition to her departmental position, Hilary serves as the Campus Faculty Representative to UW System's Office of Professional Instructional Development (OPID).

Philosophy for Children developed by Dr. Sarah LaChance Adams.

What Works Best to Motivate Students in an Introductory Economics Course by Dr. Sakib Mahmud.

The Inter-subjectivity of Culture by Dr. Ephraim Kotey Nikoi.

Evaluating Outcomes of a Professional Development Sequence by Dr. Ralynn C. Schmalzried Schmidt.

Train the Trainers: Embedded Information Literacy in the First Year Writing Curriculum, a collaborative project by Dr. Jamie White-Farnham, and Carolyn Caffrey Gardner.

2012-2013 SoTL Projects

A summary of the 17 faculty, 3 academic instructional staff, and one academic non-instructional staff whose projects were funded by the Summer 2013 CETL Jumpstart Program, go to pages 30 to 34 of the CETL Connections Newsletter, Issue 10 (August 2013) or link on the following poster: Recipients of the CETL 2013 Summer Jumpstart Program

2012 SoTL Projects (Jumpstart Program)

For a summary of the 18 faculty scholarship projects funded by the Summer 2012 CETL Jumpstart Program, go to pages 14-16 of the CETL Connections Newsletter, Issue 8 - July 2012,or check out the posters here:

Recipients of the CETL 2012 Summer Jumpstart Pilot Program