UW-Superior Based SoTL Projects

UW-Superior Based SoTL Projects

 Scholarship on Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

CETL 2016 Call for Proposals:
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Program

DUE DATE: March 31, 2016 to cetl@uwsuper.edu

PROJECT COORDINATORS: Dr. Hilary Fezzey and Dr. Brent Opall

WHAT: Proposals from 10 faculty or staff to design and then implement a SoTL project between late Spring 2016 and December 2016; each project receives a $1000 stipend payable 75% in May-June 2016 with the final 25% payable upon completion of project.

WHO: All faculty and staff who interact with students. Preference will be given to those who have not yet participated in the SoTL Program. Faculty and staff may submit a collaborative proposal.

WHEN: Proposals due on March 31, 2016 via email to cetl@uwsuper.edu.

WHY: SoTL is a growing international phenomenon in higher education linked to quality teaching and learning as well as assessment of student learning. UW-Superior has always supported SoTL projects, but this is our opportunity to increase the number of faculty and staff who understand and can use SoTL in their work.

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2015 - 2016 UW-Superior CETL SoTL Projects 

The 2015-2016 CETL SoTL “Homegrown” program will feature five individuals in this years poster presentation. Use the links below to see views of their posters summarizing their SoTL projects.

Dr. Serguei Bezroukov, Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science. Dr. Bezroukov presents a poster on his project titled Enhancement of Netcentric Computing Course CSCI-470.

Dr. Maria Stalzer Wyant Cuzzo, Professor of Legal Studies in the Department of Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity. Dr. Cuzzo presents her poster on Assessing Forgiveness and Empathy: Building Student Capacity to Practice Restorative Justice.

Bhesh Mainali, Assistant Professor of Math Education in the Department of Educational Leadership. His SoTL project is titled Students’ Belief and Role of Manipulatives for Learning Fraction Concepts.

Maureen Rappley-Larson, Assistant Professor of Social Work in the Department of Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity. Her project poster is titled How Do Social Work Students Learn to be Empathetic?

Dr. Shevaun Stocker, Chair, Associate Professor of Psycology in the Department of Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity. Dr. Stocker presents her project poster titled Efficacy of a Mindfulness Meditation Intervention to Reduce Math Anxiety in PSYC 301: Statistics for Psychological Research.

The UW-Superior CETL involvement in Scholarship on Teaching and Learning support for scholarly activities was launched as a pilot program in the spring/summer of 2012. Since the pilot start-up the program has continued to evolve into the currently offered SoTL homegrown program. 

Additional SoTL Resources

Jim Dan Hill Library SoTL Research Guide (http://libguides.uwsuper.edu/sotl)

David Voelker's The Gray Box: Reflections on SoTL (http://www.thegraybox.net/sotl/)

ISSOTL (http://www.issotl.com)

SoTL Commons (http://academics.georgiasouthern.edu/ce/conferences/sotlcommons/)

University of Wisconsin System - SoTL

UW System's SoTL Leadership Site, housed at UW-Milwaukee, is the primary SoTL arm of OPID and extends the faculty development work of OPID by designing initiatives to encourage scholarly inquiry into teaching and learning, and by creating inter-campus collaborations for conducting SoTL research. As a result, a core of faculty experts in classroom inquiry practices and principles from across the System now exists. 


UW-Superior SoTL Program Overview

One of the needs on UW-Superior's campus is providing infrastructure and summer stipend support for scholarly activities. To assist in this effort, CETL offered a pilot program in Spring/Summer 2012 and again in Spring/Summer 2013. 

In 2013 a program was designed for Non-Instructional Academic Staff, as well as the Faculty and Instructional Teaching Staff program piloted in 2012.

These programs provided funding for intensive development of some aspect of a scholarly project in Summer 2012 and Summer 2013. Grants were designed for production of scholarship "pieces of work" that clearly identified tasks to move ahead design and/or production of scholarly projects.  For instructors, it was either a SoTL (scholarship of teaching/ learning) or a discipline based research project that would be integrated into classroom or out-of-classroom teaching. 

For non-instructional academic staff, the project would include intensive development of a program to foster effective student learning. Stipends were processed with 75% paid in the recipients' June paychecks and the final 25% processed upon proof of completion of the proposed projects in August. 

A summary of all projects received was presented to the Provost as part of examples of CETL supported work.  A list of recipients with their completed projects was publicized by CETL in the CETL Connections Newsletters and posters of award recipients were displayed at CETL celebrations of scholarship.

See some of the past UW-Superior SoTL Projects

Link to the titles below for the criteria and design of each program.

 Jumpstart Faculty   Jumpstart Scholarship Stipend Program for Faculty and Academic Instructional Teaching Staff
 Jumpstart Acad Staff  A 2013 Pilot Jumpstart Scholarship Stipend Program for Non-Instructional Academic Staff