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Teaching with Technology

•    Guiding Principles
•    What is Instructional/Educational Technology?
•    Why Teaching with Technology?
•    Getting Started with Learn@UW-Superior (D2L)
•    Educator’s Technology Toolkit
•    How can CETL assist you?
•    UW Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)
•    Useful Technology Resources

Guiding Principles

  • We believe when used appropriately and strategically, technology can make your teaching and your students’ learning more effective.
  • We encourage student-centered teaching and learning practices and believe technology can assist you and your students in reaching that goal.
  • We believe any use of technology in educational settings should be guided by the appropriate pedagogy or teaching strategies.
  • We believe the selection and use of technology for instructional purposes should be based on the need and learning outcomes or learning objectives. We do not support using technology for its own sake, or for entertainment.
  • We believe faculty, staff and student learning communities can help foster a campus-wide culture of teaching and learning with technology that further enhances the students’ learning experience.  

What is Instructional/Educational Technology?

Instructional technology and educational technology have been used interchangeably in the field over the years. We define instructional technology as…>> Read More

Why Teaching with Technology?

We believe technology can make your teaching more effective. Here are the reasons why you should teach with the assistance of technology…>> Read More

Getting Started with Learn@UW-Superior (D2L)

You may ask "I do not feel comfortable with technology. How shall I get started with using technology in the classes I teach?" The answer for you is "Try Learn@UW-Superior (D2L) today." Learn@UW-Superior (D2L) is the web-based Learning Management System (LMS) readily available for us and officially supported by the UW System...>> Read More

Educator’s Technology Toolkit

Here is a collection of instructional technology tools that are officially supported by UW-Superior. Find out what they are...>> Read More

How can CETL assist you? 

CETL provides excellent services to assist you reach your teaching with technology goals. See more details on how we can assist you. >> Read More

UW Learning Technology Development Council (LTDC)

UW-Superior is an active member of the University of Wisconsin System Learning Technology Development Council. LTDC offers great resources to support faculty and students to integrate instructional technology with the goal to improve student learning outcomes. >> Read More

Useful Technology Resources

We have put together a collection of useful resources about teaching with technology for you. Please do check them out. >> Read More






Topics covered on this page:

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About the Teaching with Technology Program

The CETL Teaching with Technology program was originally piloted in the 2008 Fall semester.  Since then, the program has gone through several changes and expansions and evolved into a program that provides pedagogical and technical support services for the integration of technology into teaching and learning.

Additionally the Teaching with Technology program has provided consultation and support on the development of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning research projects on technology integration into teaching.

Check back for details on the availability of Teaching with Technology project services for the 2015-16 academic year.

Visit our Teaching with Technology Showcase page to review past projects and project videos: Teaching with Technology Showcase


CETL Instructional Staff Support Services

CETL Instructional Design and Development Services

To foster meaningful student learning and quality teaching within a liberal arts    tradition and technology enriched learning environment, CETL Instructional Designer provides confidential Individual Instructional Design and Development Consultation or Small Group Consultation services to faculty and instructional staff

The Instructional Designer mentors the participant(s) on a variety of topics as needed, including: pedagogy, instructional/learning technology, student engagement, assessment, educational quality assurance, universal design and copyright practices. 

See more details on CETL Instructional Design and Development Services page.

CETL Media Production Services

The primary purpose of CETL Media Production is to provide professional and confidential digital media production services. These services include consulting, planning, and production to support the academic and educational needs of the University. 

Media production projects are focused towards best practices that will advance the University's mission. We support faculty and staff in learning techniques that enhance their teaching and learning activities. 

For more information on CETL Media Production Services visit our Media Production Services page.

Lecture Capture Project

Photo of Lecture Capture WorkstationFall 2015 kicks off a collaborative Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning - UW-Superior Technology Services lecture capture project. The project is focused on developing lecture capture resources, closed captioning support and facilitate faculty development through assistance and training.

Project objectives are to provide portable and studio based lecture capture systems, along with instructor development support and training to the UW-Superior campus and to help accelerate the integration of video and audio into the Learn@UW-Superior teaching and learning environment.

Follow this link to learn more about the Lecture Capture Project

Digital Storytelling Resources

CETL has been supporting digital storytelling through a number of projects over recent years. Digital stories combine elements such as audio narration, still images, video clips onscreen text, and music to tell stories, usually in a movie file of less than five minutes. Digital stories created by both faculty and students are being used in higher education.

CETL has production resources to help facilitate digital story development and production as an initiative towards excellence in teaching and learning. Digital stories are created by faculty to supplement a lesson, unit, or course or to provide students and potential majors with a personal viewpoint on a discipline. 

Follow this link for more details on Digital Storytelling in higher education and our supported Digital Storytelling Projects.

  - free online professional development resources

One of the best resources available to UW-Superior instructional staff is free access to the Lynda.com online training library.

The Lynda.com online training library features a wide range of tutorials dedicated to specific skills, subject areas and software. UW-Superior students and staff have access to Lynda.com, a continually growing and evolving library of training videos and tutorials covering a wide range of software, technologies and business topics. 

Instructional staff, students and staff members can take advantage of free 24/7 access to the entire library of training. 

Lynda.com Account Set-Up
When this service was originally launched UW-Superior users received an email to set-up their Lynda.com profile. Users had a 7 day window to complete the set-up;  if you missed this 7 day window, contact theTechnology Services Help Desk to request a new email that allows for the set-up.


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