CETL 2014 Teaching and Learning Intensive Workshops

CETL 2014 Teaching and Learning Intensive Workshops

Share and explore best practices in teaching and learning pedagogy at the CETL Summer Teaching & Learning Intensive Workshops, to be held in the Yellowjacket Union room 204, from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on Monday, August 18th and Tuesday, August 19th, 2014.  All UW-Superior educators (both classroom and outside of classroom) are invited to attend.  To reserve your seat (limited to 30 participants), please email cetl@uwsuper.edu.  Complimentary lunch will be included.  Stipends will be paid to attendees who are eligible per Human Resources qualifying rules. 

Day One:  Bias and Interventions to Reduce or Mitigate Bias in Teaching and Learning

featuring Dr. Cyndi Kernahan from the University of Wisconsin - River Falls, who is a Social Psychologist and specialist in the area of race and racism.She created and teaches a course on the Psychology of Prejudice and Racism and regularly conducts research on teaching and learning about race. Cyndi is one of the OPID experts on stereotype threat and on how to find proactive ways to address this challenge for our students. She is an award-winning educator.

The workshop will include four main sessions, each embedded with discussion and/or activities:
1.  Implicit and Explicit Bias - How these work and relate to discrimination;
2.  StereotypeThreat -What it is and how to understand it;
3.  Interventions for Stereotype Threat - What are the broad categories and types of interventions, why do they work and when do they work;
4. How can we Best Teach about Difficult/Controversial Topics, including race.  

  Cyndi Kernanan Photo 2012 Cyndi Kernahan, PhD, is Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department at UW-River Falls. She has been honored with the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Faculty Research Award for 2006 and the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Teaching Award for 2008. She also received the 2011 Keith Wurtz Award for innovative teaching. After serving as both a Wisconsin Teaching Fellow (2001) and a Wisconsin Teaching Scholar (2009), Cyndi now co-directs the Wisconsin Teaching Fellows and Scholars program (UW System, Office of Professional and Instructional Development) in addition to her work as professor and chair of the Psychology department.
Education: University of Missouri - Columbia, PhD (1999), MS (1997);University of Central Oklahoma, BS (1994) 

Day Two:  Exploring Experiential and Community Based Learning: A Focus Group 

On August 19, thirty members of the university faculty and staff met in the Yellowjacket Union for a day of discussion and activities surrounding experiential learning and community based learning. Led by experienced educators Maria Cuzzo, Jenice Meyer, and Kathy Pykkonen, this was a preliminary exploration into what "experiential and community based learning" includes and involves. The results of this focus group discussion will be shared with a working group to be created this coming year on this topic. This was an important preliminary conversation about this new strategic direction to provide a better idea of what we already do in this pedagogy and how we can build our capacities