Office of the Chancellor

Office of the Chancellor
"The future is always beginning now."
Mark Strand - poet, 1934 - 2014
"For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today."
African Proverb

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Superior!

I am joyful and pleased to join UW-Superior as its Chancellor.

Since you are reading this message, you likely will be new to UW-Superior and want to evaluate whether this is a place that has the "right fit" for you.

I remember having considered the same question in order to discern whether Superior was a good place for me. To answer it, I looked at both today and the future. On average, people change jobs more than seven times in a lifetime. Technology has radically changed the way we work and communicate. We live in a diverse society in terms of cultures, beliefs, experiences, and expectations. As for the future, it was clear that it harbors change and requires flexibility; it is multi-faceted and complex; it is filled with deep problems and tremendous opportunities.

As Wisconsin's designated public liberal arts university, UW-Superior prepares graduates to succeed and to thrive in this environment. How? By emphasizing the development of fundamental skills such as communication, creative and critical analysis, and quantitative and technological literacy; by deepening the understanding of the natural and cultural world around us; by bringing this knowledge into perspective through practical experience. It is an education with value for today and for a lifetime.

This - the emphasis on the skills and knowledge to tackle the present and the future, the deep dedication to student-learning and success by the faculty and staff, and the spectacular educational setting - is what drew me in and answered my question of fit with a resounding "yes". As I look forward to getting to know the campus more intimately over the next few months, I hope that you will join me on the journey. We will look to the future together!