EXSITE! Superior

EXperience Superior In This Environment

EXSITE! Superior: What is it?

EXSITE! Superior is a relational experience management module (REM) based on customer service principles within the higher education environment. This module consists of various tools and approaches which can be used by departments and units interested in identifying their stakeholders expectations in order to target and manage relationships impacting stakeholder experiences.

Directions for use: The EXSITE Superior module is a relational experience management module designed as a “plug-in” to your department or unit’s strategic and/or annual plan.

Faculty and academic departments will want to focus on effective policies and practices for working with students of different abilities and aspirations as the relational experience management component to the strategic and/or annual planning process.  This information is found in the following sublinks:

Quality at UW-Superior: A Liberal Arts Education

Guidelines for Student Persistence

What the University of Wisconsin-Superior Can Do to Improve the Relational Management Experience

National Context

Colleges and universities nationwide are experiencing issues related to student persistence and retention. Consider the following observation from Neal Raisman, Ph.D.. Dr. Raisman is Chancellor at Briarcliffe College in New York. He is also president and founder of Academic MAPS (marketing, advertising and positioning) a leading firm providing customer service solutions for colleges’ enrollment and retention-winning advertising/marketing solutions.

In the follow-up book to his best selling book Embrace the Oxymoron* Raisman explains how students decide to attend and stay or leave a college based upon academic customer service. “After assisting over 240 schools in the U.S., Canada and Europe and listening to 1000’s of students, one thing is absolutely clear” Raisman says. “Students and their parents have a consumer approach to education starting with bargaining over the tuition sticker price all the way through a collective set of expectations for a return on their emotional and financial investments. Today’s students expect a greater level of service than ever before. And if they don’t get it, they’re off to another college down the road or on-line.”