Unit/Departmental Reporting for 2009-2010

Unit/Departmental Reporting for 2009-2010

Strategic Planning

UW-Superior departments and units are adopting a new strategic planning process beginning in fiscal year 2009. The Continuous Improvement and Planning Team developed a process and documents to guide the process. The documents include a brief background of the campus strategic planning process; describes the annual planning and review timeline; relates the planning process to the program review process and provides a series of steps that will be undertaken by each unit engaged in strategic planning. A few departments have piloted the new process.

Background: The Strategic Priorities document for UW-Superior provides a broad outline of strategic themes and goals, but does not attempt to define specific action plans, initiatives and timelines for achieving them. Given the rapidly changing nature of the environment, implementation of the strategic priorities must allow for the establishment of unit or department goals and initiatives and should not follow a rigid pattern. Instead it should be flexible and allow for opportunities to make adjustments to plans on at least an annual basis to meet the needs within our region. It is critical to note that strategic planning is an on-going annual process that considers progress toward goals and an adjustment of the plan for subsequent years to ensure that strategic priorities of the campus are accomplished.

2009-2010 Process Documents



Annual Reporting

Annual Reporting for 2009-2010

In the future, each campus unit or department will write an annual report that reflects progress in achieving goals outlined in its strategic plan.  WEAVEOnline, a higher education strategic planning software program that documents the continuous improvement planning cycle, will be used by each department/unit during the creation of a department/unit's strategic plan and to monitor progress throughout the plan's tenure.


Each department/unit is being asked to prepare an annual report for the academic year 2009-10, though they have not yet completed a department/unit strategic plan.

Annual Report Template for 2009-2010 

Steps to preparing your annual report:

  1. Reflect on your department/unit's activities and achievements
  2. Next, using the seven strategic themes adopted by UW-Superior in 2008, determine how your activities and accomplishments fit into our stratetgic priorities. 
  3. Using the annual reporting template that describes the sections and content desired prepare your answers.
  4. Obtain a WEAVEOnline account and password to your department/unit's entity. and attend a short training with LeAnn Brown, Institutional Research and Planning.
  5. Enter your answers into the WEAVEOnline system by copying and pasting from a word processing document or composing your answers directly into the software.
  6. Upload any supporting documents you wish to provide.
  7. Review and finalize by August 15th, 2010.