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How do I get access to WEAVEOnline?

As we begin implementation at UW-Superior,  accounts will be created for department heads and program associates to the "Entity" they serve. If additional individuals need to access the units' information those accounts will be created upon request of the department head. WEAVEOnline login page is located at: http://www.uwsuper.edu/cipt/weaveonline

Getting Started

1. Obtain the initial password:

When you are notified that your account has been created, go to the WEAVEOnline 
login page and  enter your UWS ID into the WEAVEonline ID field, click on Reset Password below the Login button. An initial password will be emailed to you. Obtain it from your email account and then you may login in. The first time in you will be prompted to change your passord. Refer to steps 2 and 3 below on password recommendations and changing your WEAVEonline password.

2. Password Specs and Recommendations:

The password's maximum character length is 20. There are no character restrictions except for the single quote mark. You can use any alpha-numeric combination you want. Password recommendations:

  • passwords should be at least 6 - 10 characters in length.
  • passwords should include one upper case character, one lower case character, and one numeric character.

3. Change Password

  • - Enter your WEAVEonline ID.
  • - Click the "Change Password" link (located below the login fields).
  • - Enter your current password in the Old Password field.
  • - Next, enter your new password twice. Click submit. A prompt displays letting you know the change was successful.

UW-Superior WEAVEonline HELP: If you have questions or trouble accessing WEAVEonline, please contact your WEAVEonline Administrator at weave@uwsuper.edu.


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