About the CLIC

The Markwood Center for Learning, Innovation and Collaboration (CLIC) was formed the summer of 2020.  Based out of the Jim Dan Hill Library, the CLIC is a centralized team of professionals offering Community, Resources, and Support via general and discipline-specific information, teaching and learning tools and services alongside a vast array of library resources within the Jim Dan Hill Library.  

Mission Statement

The CLIC supports the University of Wisconsin-Superior liberal arts mission by being more than simply a building; we are stewards of resources that support the scholarly pursuits of students, instructors, faculty, staff, and the larger community. We create learning opportunities for student engagement, quality teaching and learning across all modalities, and varied partnerships that extend beyond the walls of the university. We offer a welcoming environment through equitable access for our diverse community. We foster digital and information literacy, academic integrity, curiosity, creativity, and independence.  

Vision Statement

The CLIC will be the bridge to success and equity by creating innovative teaching and learning experiences. We seek to provide accessible technology, opportunities for intellectual development, inclusive instruction, and support in both academic and personal pursuits. We commit to provide a sense of community, resources, services, and an open environment to foster lifelong learning.  

Inclusivity Statement

The CLIC acknowledges and respects all our diverse patrons, students, instructors, staff, and community. Our team works together to provide accessible technology, opportunities for intellectual development, inclusive instruction and support in both academic and personal pursuits. We are committed to creating an open and safe environment for everyone across intersections of race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, disability, or status as a veteran.   

Commitment against Discrimination

In order to ensure that the CLIC  is a safe and open space on campus, the individuals on our team recognize the systemic problems in our society and challenge those thought to be an established standard. We bring visibility to diversity through our marketing and displays, curating balanced collections across the library, and infusing empathy and education together in programming, instructional design and information literacy. We will actively participate and engage in educational efforts to thwart discrimination and racism where and when we see it. If you witness or experience an instance of discrimination or racism, we encourage you to report that incident to staff or self-report to administration using this link: https://www.uwsuper.edu/edi/bias-incident-reporting/index.cfm 

We commit to:    

  • being open-minded to other’s views and learning from them.   
  • encouraging and modeling respect for our diverse community.   
  • supporting quality course design based on inclusion.   
  • curating diverse and accessible collections throughout the library.