Dean of Faculties

Dean of Faculties

The Dean of Faculties and Graduate Studies has primary administrative responsibility for the UW-Superior academic departments and their faculty, including promotion and tenure of faculty members.

The 12 academic departments, and the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, the Assessment Coordinator, and the High Impact Practices Coordinator report directly to the Dean of Faculties.

Dr. Dean Yohnk has been named Dean of Faculties and Graduate Studies at UW-Superior effective July 1, 2016. He will be on campus in May to begin transitioning.

Currently serving in the position is Professor of Social Work Elizabeth "Ms. Liz" Twining Blue, who was appointed Interim Dean of Faculties in Summer 2012. She was asked to serve as Interim Dean of Graduate Studies, as well, in Summer 2013. She is to serve in this role until June 2016.

Ms. Twining Blue has been a part of the UW-Superior community since 1989, rising to full Professor of Social Work in 2002. She served as chair of the Department of Human Behavior, Justice and Diversity for nine years and as Social Work Program Coordinator for 19 of 23 years.