Allegra Cangelosi

Allegra Cangelosi
Allegra Cangelosi
Allegra Cangelosi Allegra Cangelosi
Senior Scientist Policy Analyst
office. 7410 Cedar Ave
University of Wisconsin-Superior

Most recent degrees:

1986 - Master of Science (M.S.) - Masters of Science in Resource Development - Michigan State University – Dissertation/thesis topic: Regional Low Level Radioactive Waste Management

1978 - Master of Arts (M.A.) – Biology - Kalamazoo College

Academic background:

My undergraduate degree (Kalamazoo College) was in biology, and focused on population level (ecology) courses. During quarters off I studied at the University of Michigan Biological Station in Pellston MI, conducted student radioisotope toxicology studies at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge TN, and worked at the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center. My Master's is from the multidisciplinary Department of Resource Development at Michigan State University. My program emphasis was Natural Resource Economics, though I also took courses in Environmental Law, Environmental Sociology and Environmental Engineering. My Master’s thesis was on Regional Low Level Radioactive Waste Management.

Research interests:

My interest is in regional environmental policy/protection, especially regarding the Great Lakes aquatic ecosystem. I believe generating objective, policy-relevant science and bringing it to a committed group of multi-stakeholder "customers" greatly speeds positive change. I have staffed and organized information development for the bipartisan US Senate Great Lakes Task Force, and regional Governors groups on environmental issues. Products of this work include a Guidebook on "Revealing the Economic Value of Protecting the Great Lakes", bipartisan federal legislative proposals (e.g., the National Invasive Species Act of 1990 and 1996), and many technical papers. I currently lead a large multi-partner project within the Lake Superior Research Institute (LSRI) called the Great Waters Research Collaborative aimed at producing science to reveal solutions to water resource protection issues, especially ship-mediated aquatic invasive species in the Great Lakes and globally. 

Non-academic interests:

My passions include raising my teenage daughter, traveling and volunteering in Guatemala, outdoor recreation, and fiddling!

Areas of knowledge:

My primary areas of knowledge are ballast water research technology and policy. I also have expertise in the areas of grant-writing and fund-raising, international and federal environmental policy processes and tools; and regional environmental management.

Recent accomplishments:

I am Senior Scientist Policy Analyst at LSRI, and Principal Investigator for the UWS LSRI Great Waters Research Collaborative which focusses on Ballast Water Management. I am a member of the International Conference for the Exploration of the Sea Ballast Water Working Group. I participate in the US Delegation to the International Maritime Organization Marine Environment Protection Committee work group meetings. I have worked on Capital Hill in a Senate Office, and coordinated bipartisan Great Lakes regional delegations of Senators and Reps to work together on behalf of the Great Lakes.