Dr. Matthew TenEyck

Dr. Matthew TenEyck
Dr. Matthew TenEyck
Matthew TenEyck Dr. Matthew TenEyck
Director of Lake Superior Research Institute
Director/Assistant Scientist
Senior Lecturer
office. Barstow Hall 4A
University of Wisconsin-Superior


Matt hobbies include: brewing wine, roasting coffee, chopping wood, and an occasional canoe trip.

Professional Background

Dr. Matt TenEyck earned his B.S. degree from University of Wisconsin-Superior and his M.S. degree from Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.  Matt earned his Ph. D. while investigating the role of propagule pressure of zooplankton in ballast water discharge in the Water Resources Science program at the University of Minnesota-Duluth.  Matt has been with the Lake Superior Research Institute for 19 years.  Matt has served as principal investigator (PI) and Co-PI on several sediment and water-only toxicology studies, as well as aquatic invasive species related projects.  

Research Interests

After spending more than a decade as a research toxicologist on topics such as additive toxicity of chemicals to freshwater species, the toxic effects of several ballast water treatments systems to freshwater species, and conducting multiple bioaccumulation studies, it's safe to say Dr. TenEyck's research interests are wide and varied.  He is currently working on projects related to aquatic invasion ecology.

Awards & Honors

2018, Board of Regents, Non-instructional Academic Staff Award for Excellence

Most Recent Degrees

2015 - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Water Resources Science - University of Minnesota-Duluth - Dissertation/thesis topic: Defining the risk-release relationship of Daphnia magna