Dr. Peter Nordgren

Dr. Peter Nordgren
Dr. Peter Nordgren
Peter Nordgren Dr. Peter Nordgren
Professor Emeritus, Library Science
University of Wisconsin-Superior

Most recent degrees:

2009 - Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) - Educational Policy and Administration - University of Minnesota – Dissertation/thesis topic: Higher Education-School Relationships in Regional ITV Networks

1975 - Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Media Technology - University of Wisconsin-Stout – Dissertation/thesis topic: Cooperative Program Tape Networks in Noncommercial Radio

1974 - Bachelor of Science (B.S.) – Biology - University of Wisconsin-Superior

Academic background:

Dr. Peter Nordgren's academic research is centered on the ways educational organizations create collaborations around emerging communication technologies. In examining both successful and unsuccessful collaborations, he has applied interorganizational frameworks such as collective strategy (see Astley, The Academy of Management Review 9(3):526-535 · July 1984).

Research interests:

Nordgren's current interests include: effective ways to administer, market, and deliver online learning programs; student success in online learning; Internet policy; trends in public radio broadcasting; and trends in podcasting.

Non-academic interests:

Nordgren is an active volunteer with the North Country Trail Association, building and maintaining new sections of the North Country National Scenic Trail in northwest Wisconsin. He has served on the Association's national board of directors. He have been a longtime volunteer in public radio, serving eight years on the board of the Wisconsin Public Radio Association. He is very involved with the UW-Superior Alumni Association, serving on the board of directors including a term as chair.

Area of knowledge:

Effective administration, marketing, and delivery of online learning, and national Scenic Trails.

Recent accomplishments:

Associate Dean for Distance Learning and Continuing Education, UW-Superior, 2006-2013, and Volunteer for the North Country Trail Association, 1997-present.

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