Sakib Mahmud

Dr. Sakib Mahmud
Dr. Sakib Mahmud
Dr. Sakib Mahmud
Assistant Professor, SMGT/Economics & Academic Director, SMGT
office. ERL 306D
University of Wisconsin - Superior

Dr. Sakib Mahmud joined the School of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Superior as an Assistant Professor of Sustainable Management and Economics fall of 2012. Dr. Mahmud is also affiliated with the Sustainable Management program, which is offered in collaboration between four (4) University of Wisconsin campuses and the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s Division of Continuing Education, Outreach, and E-learning, at Madison, Wisconsin.

Prior to this appointment, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor for the academic year 2011-2012 at the Department of Economics of the University of Montana. He received his doctoral degree in economics from the Department of Economics and Finance at the University of Wyoming in 2011. He completed his degree in M.A. in Economics from the University of British Columbia (UBC) of Canada in 2002.

Dr. Mahmud's research specializations include applied microeconomics with applications on issues related to environmental and resource economics, sustainable management, development economics, and behavioral economics. He also has research interests on teaching and learning by focusing on how to develop interest, increase attention, and motivate students through different learner-centered classroom techniques. He is also willing to work with students on any societal issues of importance, such as, economics of education, gender and race discrimination, sports economics, economics of crime, health care, globalization and international trade, etc.

Dr. Mahmud received numerous grants during his brief academic career. He was also 2014-2015 Wisconsin Teaching Fellow under the University of Wisconsin System.

Dr. Mahmud is serving as a member of the National Bank of Commerce-sponsored Regional Economic Indicators Forum (REIF) (view REIF Faculty Research Staff) to perform research to develop long-term study of economic indicators that covers 15 counties in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

From spring 2015, Dr. Mahmud is serving as the Academic Director for the Sustainable Management Undergraduate program offered through the University of Wisconsin system.

Selected Publications

Mahmud, S. and Barbier, E.B. (2016), "Are private defensive expenditures against storm damages affected by public programs and natural barriers? Evidence from the coastal areas of Bangladesh," Environment and Development Economics, Volume 21, Issue 6, pp. 1–22.

Simkins, Z., Mahjabeen, R., and Mahmud, S. (2016), "Integration of Undergraduate Research into Economics General Education Courses," Council of Undergraduate Research (CUR) Quarterly, Winter Issue, Volume 38, Number 2, pp. 11-18.

Mahmud, S. (2016), "Incorporating Ecosystem Services of a Natural Capital for Relative Valuation of Households’ Storm-inflicted Health Outcomes under Optimal Defensive Strategies: A Case Study Analysis of the Coastal Areas of Bangladesh," 26th Annual Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium Conference & Workshops, Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC), Duluth, Minnesota.

Mahmud, S. (2015), "What Works Best to Motivate Students in a General Education Introductory Economics Course,” in proceedings and abstracts of the 2015 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL) Commons Conference, Savannah, Georgia, March 25-27, 2015.

Haque, A.K.E., Brander, L., Akter, S., Abdallah, W., and Mahmud, S. (2013). “The Environmental and Social Impacts of Flood Defenses in Rural Bangladesh,” Chapter 14 in P. J.H. van Beukering, E. Papyrakis, J. Bouma, and R. Brouwer (eds.). Nature's Wealth: The Economics of Ecosystem Services and Poverty. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge and New York, pp. 296-314.


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