Sam Maday

Sam Maday
Sam Maday
Sam Maday Sam Maday
Asst Coach, Track & Field
Cultural and Educational Coordinator
office. SWEN 1024B
University of Wisconsin-Superior

Most recent degrees:

2013 - Master of Science (M.S.) - Tribal Administration & Governance - University of Minnesota

2010 - Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Mass Communications - University of Wisconsin Superior

Current licensures/certifications:

Sonomoa State University - Priority 5 TRIO Training Recruiting and Serving Hard-to-Reach Students, Council for Opportunities in Education, and Priority 1 TRIO Training Evaluation, Record Keeping, and Reporting

Academic background:

I have experienced or witnessed most of the obstacles the students I work with meet in their lives. I feel incredibly lucky to be able to help students succeed and exceed expectations. My philosophy is that every student has the right to attain the degree(s), that student wishes to attain: and do so on the same level playing field as every other student. 

Research interests:

Growing up on the Bad River Indian Reservation has given me interest in studying the growing problem of grandparents raising their grandchildren.  I know that the opioid and meth crisis is a strong contributing factor to this, and want not only to find out the statistics of the problems, but to find a solution as well. 

Non-academic background:

I have a passion for helping people.  I have recently started a drive called Hygiene for the Homeless.  I collect small travel bottles of hygiene products from hotel chains that offer them for free.  These products are often thrown away after one or two uses.  I have recently started looking into starting a hygiene pantry type place on campus that offers these services for our Hard-to-Reach students. 

Notable awards:

2017 UW Superior's Outstanding Team Award for Excellence Cross Country T&F Coaching Staff, and 2016 UW Superior's Outstanding Team Award for Excellence Admissions Team

Area of knowledge:

Working with underrepresented minorities as well as underprivileged students. 

Recent accomplishments:

I have received Priority 1 and 5 TRIO trainings that relate directly to this population; as well as working with this population every day.

Favorite college memory?
My senior year, I had an hour and fifteen minute long presentation in the hardest class in my major, and I dominated it!


Volleyball, Football, Photography, Camping, and Writing

What do you like about UW-Superior?
I like that it is very welcoming and open. There is a very close campus community I feel when I'm on-campus. I love working here.

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