Class Registration Information

Please read this document carefully. Contact your advisor with any questions that you may have.

Enrollment Conference & E-Hive Registration The University places enrollment holds on all student accounts to ensure that you discuss your course selections with your advisor before you register.

Once you have this discussion and your advisor approves your course selection, your advisor will lift the enrollment hold, allowing you to register for classes after the time listed in your student center. Follow the three steps below to complete this process.

1. Preparation

Student preparation is very important as your advisor's available time is severely limited during enrollment periods. Simply stated, your advisor will need you to be prepared to ensure effective advising for all students.

  1. Prepare for your enrollment conference by reviewing your program planning sheet.
    1. If you do not have an Adobe PDF version of your program planning sheet, contact your advisor.
    2. To view this program planning sheet, you must have Adobe Reader.
  2. Update and save your program planning sheet with recent courses and grades and note any questions or concerns you have about your program plan.
  3. Look for the classes you need and decide on which classes you wish to take in the coming semester.

    Make sure the classes you need are available the semester you want them. Every semester, your class schedules can be found in the 'Class Schedule' link on the "Current Students Resources" page. Click on the 'Online Learning' tab for all online learning classes.
  4. Call or email your instructor to set an appointment for a 15-30 minute telephone enrollment conference.
    1. If you email, indicate your preferred days and times for a conference and the phone number your advisor can call to reach you.
    2. Schedule your conference to occur before the day and time when you are first allowed to register for classes. The day and time are listed in your E-Hive Student Center.

2.  Enrollment Conference

  1. If you miss your conference, don't delay setting another time as soon as you can.
  2. Once the enrollment conference is complete, your advisor will remove the advisor hold on your account, freeing you to register after your assigned day and time as stated in your E-Hive Student Center.
  3. If you have any other holds on your account, they will be listed in your E-Hive Student Center along with the department that placed the hold on your account and contact information for removing the hold.
  4. Your advisor can only remove the advisor hold.  If you have any other holds on your account, it is your responsibility to contact the appropriate department to have the hold removed. Your advisor cannot and will not do this for you.

3. Registration

Registration is completed online using UW-Superior's E-Hive registration system.

  1. Log into your E-Hive account. (Click on the "My E-Hive" link on the UW-Superior homepage in the lower right corner of the page.)  Log in with your username and password.
  2. Enroll in your classes.

4. Textbooks

Textbooks can be ordered online from the University Bookstore.  You may also purchase texts from an outside vendor, but be aware that you may not be able to return the text if, for some reason, there is a problem with the title of the text or the edition or a text.

5.  Course Access

Courses will be accessible one week prior to the start of the semester.  However, your instructor may not be available or accessing the course until the first day of classes.

Important Policies: UW-Superior General Catalog

Distance learners follow all policies listed in the UW-Superior General Catalog. Catalogs are available online through the 'Academics' link on the "Current Student Resources" page. You can purchase a paper copy through the University Bookstore.

  1. Students are required, by policy, to email their instructor during the first five working days of the term.  When your instructor replies to your email, save a copy to verify that you've met your first contact responsibility.

    If a student does not make this contact, the faculty member will administratively drop the student from the course. Students must verify if they have been administratively dropped by examining their class schedule two weeks after the beginning of the term. If you have been dropped by mistake, contact your advisor.
  2. All students are expected to use the UW-Superior email system. The campus e-mail system is an official communication tool for university business. Students, faculty, and staff will be considered officially notified of any university business communication transmitted via campus e-mail.  University electronic communications will be sent to campus e-mail addresses only.
  3. You will receive an email notice telling you to access your financial account. Log into your My E Hive account and select the View Bill link.  No paper bills will be sent.  It is your responsibility to check your electronic bill and pay appropriately.
  4. Adding a class, dropping a class, or dropping/withdrawing after the drop deadline dates are listed on your academic calendar, which can always be found on the Registrar's home page. Students are required to know these important dates, so keep a copy of the academic calendar handy.