Proctors for Examinations

Proctors are required ONLY for Math 090, 112 and 113 and BIOL 100. Most Online Learning classes do NOT require proctors.

Several Online Learning instructors require that exams be administered by a qualified proctor. For these classes, written proctor verification is required by UW-Superior to ensure the academic integrity and credibility of our programs, and to maintain accreditation.

Proctoring at UW-Superior

On campus, proctoring is normally available through the Educational Success Center in Swenson Hall Room 1024, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. (Students should plan to start by 3:00 p.m.). Please contact Educational Success Center at least two business days before the desired testing time to make an appointment.

Obtaining an Approved Proctor

If you are not able to take your examination at UW-Superior, you need to arrange to have your exam administered by an approved proctor. You are responsible for arranging the proctor, who must meet UW-Superior standards.

Qualified proctors may NOT be personal friends or relatives. They must be one of the following:

  • Full-time teaching faculty or educational administrator at a regionally accredited institution of higher education.
  • Full-time, certified elementary/middle/high school teacher, educational administrator, or school librarian. (A currently employed teacher may not use a fellow teacher as a proctor; a principal or superintendent will be OK).
  • Public librarian in an administrative position (director, assistant director, or head librarian).
  • Testing Center or Student Services Office at a college or university.
  • Representative of an established religious order.
  • For military: commissioned officer of higher rank than the student, base commander, noncommissioned officer in charge of a military post, education officer, or base librarian. Provide documentation regarding proctor's position in the military.

Proctor Guidelines: The proctor must be approved before exams will be sent out. Exams will be sent to (and proctored at) the proctor's place of business. Exams will not be sent to a proctor's home address or private email address. Exams must be returned to the instructor by the proctor, NOT by the student. Completed paper exams may be returned to the instructor via U.S. Mail in pre-addressed, postage-paid envelopes. Alternatively, they may be scanned and emailed back to the instructor.

Proctor Approval Form

View the Proctor Approval Form.

  • To complete this form you will need your proctors title, professional email, business address and phone number.
  • Proctor forms are good for a full year (i.e., three terms).

Testing Process

Students arrange a time to take the exam that is convenient for the proctor. Students must show the proctor an official photo-identification card (state driver's license or ID card, tribal ID card, or passport).

  • MATH exams are normally taken on paper.
  • BIOL 100 exams are computerized, and must be taken online in Learn@UW-Superior.

Proctor fees and postage costs may apply. These fees, including postage costs, could be an additional $35 above the cost of the course.

Completed Exams

The proctor (not the student) returns completed paper exams to the instructor.

  • The proctor is encouraged to scan and email the test back to the instructor, if possible.
  • The student is responsible for providing postage-paid envelopes.