Course Revisions

What should I consider when revising my courses?

Explore how you can help to create a sense of community for online learners. Examples:

  • Welcome email sent to students
  • Introduction assignment - virtually meet another person in the class
  • Virtual office hours
  • Chat rooms or threaded discussions
  • Group projects

Set deadlines for assignments and exams. Determine consequences for late assignments.

Set expectations for students regarding all types of feedback. Students need to know this up-front. Examples:

  • Email and phone calls - returned within 24 hours/48 hours
  • Assignments - returned within three days or one week
  • Exams - returned or feedback posted in Canvas within three days or one week
  • Spring Break - when students MAY NOT be able to reach you

What type of support is available for revising my courses?

Online Learning program

  • Best practices for teaching in a distance format
  • Updated template for both print and online courses (Canvas)
  • Quality Matters course development rubric
  • Faculty/Staff Guide to Course Development and Teaching for Online Learning
  • Process for editing, reviewing and obtaining approval of courses
  • Stipends for course development
  • Resources for professional development
  • Assistance with research agendas - both student and faculty
  • Travel funding for conferences - when possible
  • Workshops held in partnership with the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Examination support
  • Assessment and evaluation support
  • Develop opportunities for faculty to share expertise in working with distance learners
  • Connections with other UW System campuses involved in online learning

Library Staff

  • Update of databases and other resources available to faculty
  • E-Reserves
  • Library support for the online learner
  • Other

Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology

  • One-on-one discussion of your objectives in teaching and how technology may support/enhance those objectives
  • Workshops to explore the value that technology (Canvas) can add to the teaching and learning experiences
  • Demonstrations of best practices
  • Other

How can I best manage my distance education workload?

  • Best practices
  • Professional development workshops
  • Faculty information sharing
  • Discussions and tips for success