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Online Learning Professional Development/Travel Grants

For each fiscal year, the Online Learning program and the Online Community of Practice (CoP) Steering Committee issue at least one call for applications for Online Learning Professional Development and Travel funds. Grants are limited to $1,000. These funds are to be used for a conference or other professional development or travel that will enhance the recipient's online courses and/or teaching.

Funds are potentially available to any members of the UW-Superior faculty or teaching academic staff who have recently taught, are currently teaching, or are being scheduled to teach an online course through the Online Learning program.

Congratulations to Recipients of Professional Development/Travel Grants!

The Online Community of Practice Steering Committee is pleased to announce the grants listed below.

Recipients are expected to share what they've learned, presented, or will present, within six months of the event for which they receive funding. To do this, recipients typically submit a one-page reflection paper, share their conference PowerPoint or video, or give a presentation on campus.

April 2016 for 2016-17 (FY 2016-17):

  • Sergei Bezroukov, $800: The Internet of Things; Reston, VA; December 2016.
  • Julie Gard, $750: Association of Writers & Writing Programs Annual Conference; Washington, DC; February 2017.
  • Lois Guderian, $1,000: NafME National In-Service Conference; Dallas, TX; November 2016.

December 2015 for Spring 2016 (FY 2015-16):

  • Beth Austin, $1,000: 8th International Conference on Computer Supported Education; Rome, Italy; April 2016.
  • Shannon Cousino, $800; National Art Educator's Association Conference; Chicago; March 2016.
  • Haji Dokhanchi, $1,000; APSA Learning and Teaching Conference; Portland; February 2016.
  • Lynn Goerdt, $1,000: Collaborative International Online Learning Annual Conference; NY; April 2016.
  • Cade Mansfield, $1,000: Society for the Teaching of Psychology, at the Association for Psychological Science 28th Annual Convention; Chicago; May 2016.

Summer 2015: 

  • Expenses related to the August 2015 Annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference in Madison were covered directly by the DLC, and won't count against future funding requests. Attendees were: Nate Anderson, Bhesh Mainali, Karen Plass, Kim Rawson and Tom Tu.

April 2015 for FY 2015-16:

  • Ephraim Nokoi, $1,000: National Communication Association's Annual Conference; Las Vegas, NV; November 2015.

March 2015 for Spring 2015 (FY 2014-15):

  • Lois Guderian, $1,000: Mountain Lake Colloquium; Pembroke, VA; May 2015.
  • Sarah LaChance Adams, $1,000: Giving Voice to Experience; Seattle; April 2015.

December 2014 for Spring 2015 (FY 2014-15):

  • Kenna Bolton Holz, $500: Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting; Chicago; April 2015.
  • Maryjane Burdge, $217 [$160 spent]: OPID Spring Conference; Green Lake, WI; April 2015.
  • Dixie Dorman, $500 [not spent]: Master Apprenticeship, Ojibwe Language; Spring 2015.
  • James Geidner, $500: Annual Head Start Conference; Wisconsin Dells; February 2015.
  • Eleni Pinnow, $500: Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Meeting; Chicago; April 2015.
  • Shin-Ping Tucker, $500: IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics; Taiwan; June 2015.

May 2014 for FY 2014-15:

  • Sarah LaChance Adams, $500 [$321 spent]: Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy; New Orleans; October 2014.
  • Chip Beal, $500: COPLAC Annual Meeting; Durango, CO; June 2014.
  • Tom Tu, $1,000: Fusion 2014, D2L User Conference; Nashville, TN; July 2014.
  • Kim Rawson, $500 [$278 spent]: Writing Across the Peninsula Conference; Marquette, MI; October 2014.

Online Learning program funding for early FY 2014-15:

  • Jerry Hembd, $230: Distance Teaching and Learning Conference; Madison; August 2014.