Online Course Evaluation

For Communicating Arts (COMM), Library Science (LIBS), Writing (WRIT), Data Science (DS), Health/Wellness Management (HWM), or Sustainable Management (SMGT) courses, and the eight-week P section courses of Accounting (ACCT), Business (BUS), Economics (ECON), Finance (FIN), IT Systems (ITS) and Mathematics (MATH), please fill out the course evaluation survey in your Learn@UW-Superior course website.

For all OTHER Online Learning courses, please complete our Qualtrics Survey. It becomes available as a link on this page in the middle of each term, and remains available until one week after the end of the term.

Fall Semester DL 2018

Your feedback is anonymous and will help us greatly in the further development of this and other online courses!

Data from this evaluation will go directly to a campus server, with results compiled at the end of the term by the Online Learning. Feedback is shared with each instructor (and their department chair) after grades have been posted.

Thank you for completing an evaluation form for each of your online courses.

Your feedback will benefit the instructor and future students!