Current Students Forms

Consortium Agreement from Financial Aid Office
Use this form to ask to have your UWS financial pay for courses taken at a different higher education institution.

Course Equivalent/Exception/Substitution Form
Course Equivalent/Exception for Major, Minor, or General Education Requirements

Drop/Add Form
Use this form to drop and/or add online learning classes.

Extenuating Circumstance Petition
Use this petition to request a tuition refund when you experience extenuating circumstances

IDS 495 Contract Form
Use this form during your last semester when registering for the Capstone Experience.

IDS 495 Permission to Register Form
Use this form after you have discussed enrolling in IDS 495 with the instructor.

Individually Designed Major Petition Form
This is a petition form for initiating or changing an Individually Designed Major.

Individually Designed Minor Form
Use this form to submit an Individually Designed Minor for approval.

Interdisciplinary Studies Major Petition Form
Use this form to submit your Interdisciplinary Studies Major for approval

Interdisciplinary Studies/IDM Petition - Amendment
Use this form if you need to make an amendment to an approved Interdisciplinary Studies major.

Petition for On-campus Student to take a DLC Course:
On-campus students have traditionally had to petition to get into DL classes. For now, however, on-campus students will be able to enroll in DL classes after waiting two weeks for summer, and four weeks for a semester.

Petition Form
Use this form to petition the Credits and Reinstatement Committee.

Psychology Learning Outcomes for IDS and IDM Majors
This is a check-list form for IDS and IDM majors that include a Psychology component.

Re-entry Application for Degree-Seeking Students
All students, including re-entry students, now use the University of Wisconsin Online Application form. If you were previously here as a degree-seeking student, there is no application fee and no need for high school transcripts. If you have attended any college or university since you last attended here, we will need official transcripts from those institutions.

Registrar Forms

Scholarships for Online Learning
Learn about Online Learning program Scholarships. Scholarships are announced and awarded each spring.

Special Adult Application
This form is for special adult application. If you plan to earn a degree, DO NOT use this form. You must complete the standard application for admission form. If you are seeking teacher certification, you must provide transcripts from the previous institutions that you have attended.

Sustainable Management Major Application
Application for the Sustainable Management Major

Withdrawing from the Current Term
Use this form to withdrawal from all your classes during a term.