Admission to the Teacher Education Program

All TED courses, with the exception of TED 200, require that students have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program prior to enrollment .

  • The PPST (Pre-Professional Skills Tests – Praxis Series) must be completed at the specified passing levels prior to enrollment in TED 200. Passing levels are Reading 175, Writing 174, and Math 173. (Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST).
  • All core requirements (English 101 and 102, COMM 110, Math 102, and HPHP 102) must be complete prior to enrollment in TED 200.
  • To be admitted to the Teacher Education Program you must have completed TED 200 with a minimum grade of B-.
  • To be admitted to the Teacher Education Program you must provide evidence of 20 hours of professionally supervised work with children within two years of application. 

  • The cumulative GPA for admission to the Teacher Education Program will be 3.00

  • Students will be expected to demonstrate competence in computer and emerging technology by completion of an electronic portfolio or other evidence provided by the student and approved by her/his advisor.  (Portfolio)

  •  The Student must have the recommendation of his/her advisor and at least one other Teacher Education faculty member.

  • Current health certificate on file in the University Health Office which verifies a negative tuberculosis test within one year of the application date.

  • A Criminal Background Check completed and submitted with the application.  (Criminal Background Application Form )     (Instructions for Completing Criminal Background Check)

Acquiring an Application

You should complete the Application for the Teacher Education Program as you are completing TED 200.

Why Admission to the Teacher Education Program is Necessary

The Teacher Education Program has the responsibility for certifying to the State Department of Public Instruction in Wisconsin, and to other states to which students may apply, that students graduating from UW-Superior's programs have successfully met required competencies and standards.  The admission process allows the Teacher Education Program to have a checkpoint early in the student's university career. 

Students are monitored for demonstrations that they may have difficulty successfully completing student teaching.  The areas monitored are basic skill deficiencies, poor social and interactive skills, and evidence of a lack of commitment to teaching.