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Masterson rallies for Wisconsin Education

Posted on Aug 13, 2012
Dr. Sue Masterson's career in education and distance learning
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Masterson is Wisconsin down to her core

Masterson is Wisconsin down to her core

Wisconsin born and bred

Dr. Sue Masterson is a true Wisconsinite. She has spent her entire life in Wisconsin. She teaches and works in Wisconsin, and overall she fights for Wisconsin's future, especially its educators. Just take a moment and look at her background.

Background in education

Masterson received her bachelor's degree in Elementary Education (K-8) and K-12 Special Education from UW-Eau Claire. She then went on and received her Master's in Learning Disabilities from UW-Whitewater, and finally she obtained her doctorate degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis from UW-Madison.

Mainstreaming special education students

The Wisconsinite image also follows through into her career which is extensive to say the least. Masterson started out her teaching career as a Wisconsin middle and high school special education teacher, and later she taught at the elementary school level. She then began working with education teachers on a new project of mainstreaming special education students back into classrooms.

After applying mainstreaming to the UW-System, Masterson took this concept to the Wisconsin Technical College System and ended up teaching in several technical colleges along the way.


After accomplishing her goals with special education, Masterson served as the Director of Instruction and Facilitator for the Professional Development Activities for CESA #12(Cooperative Education Service Agencies). Sprinkle in elementary and middle school principal as well as superintendent, and you have one busy woman on a mission to better the Wisconsin education system.

Advocate for public education

When asked about her 30 year teaching career, Masterson said, "I am a strong advocate for public education."

Starting as a UW-Superior ad hoc faculty the fall of 2009, Masterson was hired the following spring as an assistant professor and soon after was given the title of Educational Leadership Assistant Professor and Coordinator of Teacher Preparation at UW-Superior.

Focus on student learning

In terms of her position at UW-Superior, she adds, "I wanted to make sure that I could make teaching focused on student learning through program development and program coordination." Ideals she has been fighting for her entire career.

Distance Learning professor

Masterson became a Distance Learning professor the spring of 2011 and is focused on giving her online students just as much personability and connection as her in-class students. Through phone calls, online projects/discussions and constant e-mailing, Masterson enjoys the "one-on-one" connection.

"I enjoy building strong personal relationships with my online students," states Masterson, also stating that her online students are extremely self-directed, in-depth, committed, and professional individuals. "I love my job at those points in the semester when students begin to notice that they are thinking like a teacher. It's those 'a-ha!' moments that are most inspiring."

Family life

Other than teaching, advising and fighting for students as well as the Wisconsin education system, Masterson is married with a son, step-son, and two daughters. Masterson also owns a chocolate lab named Hersey, and she enjoys cooking/baking, gardening and the outdoors.

A true gem

"Masterson is a true gem here at UW-Superior," stated one UW-Superior faculty member, and her lifelong career fighting for education proves such. Thus, the next time you stop by UW-Superior, make sure to stop by Swenson Hall and say hi to a truly intellectual and inspiring educator as well as trueborn Wisconsinite.

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