Online learning designed for you.

Registration for online Online Learning Center courses is open only to students enrolled through the Online Learning Center. That means Distance Learning Center students get priority registration to the classes they need to complete their degree.

Our online courses offer user-friendly tools that make it easy to navigate and complete all necessary work. From posting messages to submitting documents, it's online learning designed with you in mind.

Online Learning students get priority registration to the classes.  For the summer term, on-campus students who want to take an “E” section online learning course must wait two weeks from the start of enrollment and for the fall and spring term, four weeks from the start of enrollment. On-campus students wanting to take a “W” section online learning course do not have to wait and can register on their enrollment date.

For more helpful information regarding our courses, feel free to explore our website including the information below:

Course Materials
For information regarding the necessary course materials, library materials that are available to you, and how to contact your professors.

Course Information 
For information about class schedules, course rotation, and new online classes that will be offered soon.

Course Descriptions
To view descriptions of all the courses offered online, and ones planned for the future.

Online Learning Wisconsin
Find more than 1,000 online learning courses and degree and certificate programs on Online Learning Wisconsin all offered from the University of Wisconsin institutions.

Transfer Information System  (TIS)
If you need help to plan for your tansfer credits between a UW insitutation and WITC.

We don't offer what you are looking for?  Go to UW Help, an educational advising services for the University of Wisconsin System.