Financial Information

Academic Fees

Current tuition and fees for Online Learning courses are available at the Bursar/Cashier's Office. Select Fee Schedules and the current term.

Tuition and fees for Online Learning Center courses are charged separate from campus program courses. The 12-18 credit tuition plateau used in the campus program does not apply. Each credit is paid at a per-credit rate regardless of the number of credits taken. A separate Online Learning course fee is also charged. 

Financial Aid

The federal FAFSA form is your application for financial aid at UW-Superior, which you may complete online. 


Bills will be available for viewing or printing via the E-Hive The Bursar/Cashier's Office will send an email reminder to your University email account informing you to view your bill prior to the payment due date. Failure to access bills online will not excuse any payment due dates or late payment fees.

For more information, please visit the Bursar/Cashier's Office about other fees that may be assessed due to withdrawal, de-registration, late drop, etc..

Refund Schedule

To access the Refund Schedule, refer to the current Class Schedule online, or visit the Bursar/Cashier's Office


A Withdrawal fee will be charged all students who withdraw during the 100% refund period.  Students who are de-registered for nonpayment after the semester begins will also be charged a fee. If you have questions about withdrawal or de-registration, contact the Bursar/Cashier's Office at (715) 394-8505 .  Refer to the current Class Schedule online or visit the Bursar/Cashier's Office.

Loan Deferments

Loan deferment requests are submitted to the Online Learning Center. Deferment papers are obtained from your lender.

If you drop courses prior to the drop deadline, you must be aware that this will affect  loan deferments. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for further information.