Student Non-Academic Disciplinary Process (WI Admin Code - UWS Ch. 17)

UW-Superior students are expected to be good citizens and responsible for their behavior. When these expectations are not met, the non-academic misconduct process (UW System Adm. Code Ch. 17) may be used to redirect students into more acceptable patterns of behavior. This process encourages students to take responsibility for their choices and actions, allowing the University and student jointly to determine an appropriate disciplinary response.

Most misconduct cases result in sanctions that are educational in nature and encourage leadership. However, there are at times incidents which warrant a more severe level of sanction, including disciplinary probation and even suspension/expulsion. Students need to be aware that the choices they make can compromise their education and future.

Students need to understand that some types of behaviors are not incompatible with membership in the University community and therefore may result in suspension or expulsion from the UW System. The list below, while not exhaustive, gives some general types and examples of serious misconduct violations that may result in separation from the UW System:

  • Victimizing others (assault, stalking, and harassment)
  • Compromising their own or others' health or safety (assault, arson, severe or repeated alcohol policy violations, selling or using drugs, possession of a weapon)
  • Poor citizenship (theft, vandalism, giving false information, failing to abide by restrictions placed in an earlier disciplinary action)