University Pledge


The University of Wisconsin-Superior is committed to the Liberal Arts Mission. Through the efforts of faculty, staff, and the student body, the University of Wisconsin-Superior promises to provide a learning community which emphasizes individual attention and promotes intellectual growth, personal development, career preparation, and life-long learning in an atmosphere of individual dignity with respect for the diversity of human cultures.

University Pledge

By choosing to join this community, I accept the obligation to live by and commit myself to the following principles:

As a member of the University of Wisconsin-Superior

Service - I will seek opportunities to strengthen our community beginning with the campus community and extending to the larger world of which we are all a part

Participation - I will enrich the culture of the campus community and enhance my individual campus experiences by actively participating in campus and community life

Integrity - I will uphold the highest levels of personal and academic honesty, responsibility, and integrity

Respect - I will challenge myself to understand the unique views and life experience of others and will treat each individual with respect and dignity

Exploration - I will challenge myself to learn, to examine my beliefs, values, and goals, and to dedicate myself to ongoing pursuit of knowledge and truth

 By endorsing these common principles, I aspire to become a leader in this campus community. I will also encourage others at the university to honor this pledge. This commitment is my promise to the University of Wisconsin-Superior and its community of scholars.

Endorsed by the Student Government Association March 2007