Smoking Policy

Policy Subject: Smoking – UW-Superior
Cabinet Division: Administration & Finance
Policy History: Current: August 6, 2014 (revised);December 31, 2014 (add.rev.) 
                        Issued January 1, 1998;Revised August 22, 2006
Effective Date: September 1, 2014;December 31, 2014

I. Background and Purpose

It is the intent of the University of Wisconsin-Superior to provide a healthy environment for all employees, students and visitors to the campus. The health effects caused by the use of tobacco and passive exposure to tobacco smoke are well established. Much is unknown about the health effects from use of electronic forms of smoking; however the University has chosen to promote a safe and healthy learning and working environment by including them in this smoking policy.

II. Constraints

This policy is in compliance with the following Wisconsin State Statutes and Wisconsin Administrative Codes:

  • Wis. Statutes 101.123--Smoking Prohibited, and
  • Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter UWS 18.08(11a) and 18.08(11b) and 18.08(9)(b), and 
  • Any local city ordinances that may be applicable.

III. Definitions

3.1 "Smoking" is defined as burning, holding, lighting, inhaling, exhaling or carrying a lighted cigarette (such as tobacco, herbal, clove, bidis, kreteks), cigar, pipe or hookah products, or any electronic smoking or vaporizing devices such as e-cigarettes, personal vaporizers, atomizers, and electronic nicotine delivery systems, etc.

IV. Policy Statements

4.1 Smoking is prohibited on all University property except at designated outside smoking areas as indicated by permanently installed smoking receptacles and signage.
4.1.1 The designated smoking locations have been established to prevent the infiltration of second hand smoke into the buildings through windows, doors and ventilation system air intakes and to provide reasonable smoke-free pedestrian access to buildings.
4.1.2 Current designated smoking locations are identified in the attached Addendum and on the Campus Safety Web site. Designated locations may be updated as needed.
4.2 Residence Life has the right to enact and enforce stricter policy statements in and near the residence halls at UW-Superior.
4.3 Exceptions to this policy may be allowed for ceremonial or other special purposes by the chancellor or his/her designee. 4.4 The University reserves the right to enforce stricter standards than required by state statutes or other governmental regulations.
4.5 Smoking at outdoor events is restricted to designated areas, and not permitted in the seating areas.
4.6 Smoking is not permitted in vehicles owned by the State of Wisconsin.

V. Policy Procedures

5.1 The University will install signage at building entrances and other areas where smoking is prohibited. The University will provide information about this policy and designated smoking locations on the Campus web site.
5.2 The University will continue to support smoke-cessation programs for all members of the university community who wish to take advantage of it.

VI. Compliance

6.1 Report violations of this policy to Campus Safety.
6.2 Penalties for violation of this smoking policy.
6.2.1 Any individual found smoking inside a building is subject to be cited immediately under Wis. Administrative Code Chapter UWS 18, City of Superior ordinance or state law. 
6.2.2 UW-Superior employees and students may also be subject to disciplinary action under University policies.
6.3 Littering will not be tolerated. Receptacles are provided throughout campus to properly dispose of all tobacco related materials.
6.3.1 Individuals may be charged under Wisconsin Administrative Code UWS Chapter 18.06 (3)(a) for littering.

VII. Attachments


VIII. Addendum Designated Smoking Locations as of December 31, 2014

Addendum 8.1   Designated smoking locations as of December 31, 2014

12-31-2014 addendum for web