Conduct on University Lands (WI Admin Code - UWS Ch. 18)

UW System Administrative Code Chapter 18 are rules which regulate conduct on all lands subject to the control of the board of regents of the university of Wisconsin system.  All UW-Superior students are expect to abide by these regulations and hold other accountable as well. 

Below are added sections of Chapter 18 that specifically apply to UW-Superior:

CHAPTER UW-SUP 18 is intended to supplement Chapter UWS 18 to accommodate local conditions. Chapter UW-Sup 18 should be read in conjunction with, not instead of Chapter UWS 18. The symbol UWS refers to rules governing conduct on University lands incorporated in the Wisconsin Administrative Code. The symbol UW-Sup refers to the local rules and procedures adopted on the University of Wisconsin-Superior campus to supplement appropriate provisions of the Administrative Code. The authority for Chapter UW-Sup 18 is contained in Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 36 and Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter UWS 18, which control.

UW-SUP 18.01 JURISDICTION. These rules shall govern conduct on all lands comprising the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Parcels of land known as "the North Campus", "the South Campus", "the Power Plant", and "Dutchman's Creek" are specifically covered. Specific legal descriptions of these lands are available in the office of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System in Madison, Wisconsin.

(2) "Lands". In any case where portions of land controlled by the Board of Regents are leased or when the use of such property is shared with the City of Superior or other legal entities, the University of Wisconsin-Superior reserves the right to enforce the rules promulgated in the Wisconsin Administrative Code, Chapter UWS 18 and these supplemental local rules.

For the purpose of this section, property shall be defined as real or personal property owned by the State of Wisconsin, faculty, staff, student, or authorized guest or to any property stored on University land at the request of faculty, staff, student or guest.
For the purpose of this section, tropical fish or goldfish in residence hall rooms shall be exempted from the classification pets provided that proper equipment and adequate care are provided.
The property leased by the University on Wisconsin Point shall be clearly posted. However, access to the Superior entry and other state or federally owned land will not be inhibited by any University regulation.
No person may carry, possess or use any explosive substance, including but not limited to fireworks, dynamite, or blasting caps, on University lands except as required for education programs for which the use of such substances has been approved by the chief administrative officer. Any explosive substance or device may be confiscated and removed from University lands by police, and disposed of as authorized by law.
1. The possession or use of liquor in the University residence halls in any place other than a student's room shall be written permission of the Hall Director and the Director of Student Life-Auxiliary Operations. Social events at which liquor is to be served must conform to the laws governing sale of alcoholic beverages in the state and sponsors are responsible for maintaining adequate age and identity checks.
2. The possession, consumption, provision and sale of alcoholic beverages (other than Rothwell Student Center authorized operations), or misconduct resulting from the use of alcoholic beverages is cause for disciplinary action by the University and/or civil authorities.
6. Registered student political organizations may solicit funds for their own use or may sponsor events for which an admission fee charged and a portion of the proceeds thereof are for their own use.
The protection of this section shall apply to athletic contests, spectator events and other events for which admission is charged. (b) A person shall be deemed present without consent as prohibited by paragraph (a) if: (1) such a person is not then enrolled and in good standing as a student at the University of Wisconsin-Superior; or (2) such person refuses to provide proof of legal admission to the event and refuses to leave such an event upon the request of a member of the University administration or faculty or other person in charge thereof.
(b) Conviction in a criminal court of the offenses specified in UWS 18.06 (22) (d) which were committed on University land shall be deemed binding and stand in lieu of any administrative hearing process guaranteed to student under UWS 17.  The Chancellor or his/her designee shall notify a person so convicted in writing within 10 calendar days of such a conviction of the action to bar from the University lands for a period of one year.
(e) For the purpose of paragraph (a) of this section, the protection of this section shall apply equally to guests of the University of Wisconsin-Superior whose presence on University lands has been authorized.
(d) The use of sound amplifying equipment in University residence halls shall be limited to those phonographs, tape decks and cassette players which have been registered on the proper form with the Hall Director. Failure to register this equipment or failure to follow regulations regarding volume and use of the equipment may result in the impounding of the equipment.

UW-SUP 18.09 INSTITUTIONAL REGULATIONS. The Chancellor or his/her designee shall appoint a committee charged with the review of the local provisions in UW-SUP 18.04-18.06. The committee shall include, but not be limited to the following: A representative of the Office of Student Life, the Physical Plant, the Rothwell Student Center, the University Public Safety Office and a student recommended by the University Student Senate.

UW-SUP 18.10 (1) (a) Misbehavior and misconduct resulting from the use of controlled substances as defined in Chapter 16 Wis Stats., 1973, is cause for disciplinary action by the University, whether or not possession can be proved.