Advisor Information

Advising Students with Disabilities

Services for students with disabilities are available through Disability Support Services in Swenson Hall 1024, Phone: 715-394-8188.  Students requesting reasonable accommodations, as covered under the ADA, should first submit their documentation to the Disability Support Services office in order to schedule an intake appointment with the director of Disability Support Services.

Faculty and Staff need to be aware that it is not their responsibility (nor their right) to know the nature of a students' disability, nor are they responsible for knowing all the possible ways to reasonably accommodate a student with a disability. However, it is their responsibility to insure that students are provided reasonable accommodations, as covered under the ADA, once the Director of Disability Support Services has confirmed the students' reasonable accommodation needs.

In the event a student requests an accommodation (ex: extended time), it is the responsibility of the faculty member to first refer the student to the Director of Disability Support Services. The Director will then collect the necessary documentation needed under the law, and work with the student to develop appropriate, reasonable accommodation suggestions that will most appropriately assist the student. It is important for faculty and staff to work closely with the Director from the very beginning, for everyone's protection!