Disability Support Services

Usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments. 

Disability Support Services is committed to providing accommodations for students with disabilities through creating an inclusive environment on campus through Universal Design and assisting faculty and advisors with accommodating students in the classroom. 

Civil Rights and the Student's Responsibility

Although civil rights laws provide access to resources and accommodations for students with disabilities, it is the student's responsibility to disclose their disability to DSS and work with DSS to speak with the student's professors about the limitations of their disability and necessary accommodations. 

When to Contact DSS

Students with disabilities should speak with DSS as early as possible in the semester, preferably before the semester begins. 

Disability Support Services (DSS) Mission

The University of Wisconsin-Superior fosters intellectual growth and career preparation within a liberal arts tradition that emphasizes individual attention and embodies respect for diverse cultures and multiple voices. To fulfill this mission, DSS recognizes that disability reflects diverse characteristics and experiences, and is an aspect of diversity integral to society. To that end, we collaborate with students, instructors, staff, and community members to create usable, equitable, inclusive and sustainable learning environments.

Disability Support Services (DSS) Vision

The DSS vision is to be known as a service that is part of a larger university community where disabilities are neutralized through the adoption of Universal Design. Through this Universal Design, where services are integrated and provided to all throughout the campus, only unique and uncommon accommodations will be provided/coordinated through DSS. This is our vision.

Disability Support Services (DSS) Goals

  • To ensure that students with disabilities have equal access to all UW-Superior programs, services, and activities
  • To help coordinate disability-related campus policies and procedures
  • To help foster a campus community that is responsive to persons with disabilities, through direct support, as well as technical assistance, information and referral
  • To encourage students with disabilities to become self-advocates in order to be able to participate actively in decisions regarding their reasonable accommodations and resources
  • To provide students opportunities that address universal access to curricular and co-curricular experiences, networking, and career goal development